Thoughts on This CNN Article About Weight Loss?

I think it’s aimed toward people who want an excuse to not eat right and exercise. I realize that there everyone is different and have different metabolisms, etc.

I think it’s a bunch of bullshit.

These articles need to stop with this misleading garbage.

“Cutting calories doesn’t lead to long-term weight loss.”


What it should say, is “temporarily cutting calories doesn’t lead to long-term weight loss.”

Cutting calories is effective. It’s just not easy. Especially in today’s world. Losing weight and keeping it off is hard, but it can actually get EASIER over time if there is enough focus on developing the right habits.

I’m sure there are genetic outliers, but for the most part, we need to be writing articles that make people want to get OFF their asses and put DOWN the Hershey bar, not this misleading bullshit that makes people doubt what is possible.



Cutting calories by counting them fails in an overwhelming amount of cases. For most people, they need better strategies.

Interestingly, I was watching Sesame St (with the young fella it’s not my thing) and they do a whole bunch around teaching kids how to deal with cravings and self control issues. It’s really good. I don’t understand why governments dont do more of this stuff instead of throwing more labels amd such at people.

Can’t disagree with you here.

What frustrates me is that these articles claim that cutting calories (no matter what strategy is used) doesn’t work. What they should be saying is that cutting calories and maintaining a lower intake over the long-term is very hard for most people to execute.

It’s not that the tactic itself will not work when properly executed, it’s just too hard to execute for most.

My issue is that people walk away after reading those articles with an even stronger belief that putting more effort into their weight-loss goals is not even worth it. When in fact, I believe they need MORE effort.

The headlines should simply read: “We still haven’t figured out how to make weight-loss easy.”

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Every single person in the concentration camps lost weight. Cutting calories causes loss of body mass.

Now dieting without an underlying permanent change in behaviour does indeed fail. I am a case study in that (trying to break it).

CNN is fake anyway. What makes this article any different?

I think the problem is people cut too much calories, they go from 2500 to 800. Then they come to the conclusion that this sucks and they quit, I would say thats what the majority of people mess up at.

Thanks for the replies.