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Thoughts on this Bulk Cycle


I'm planning to start this cycle on 1st. September
I' ve done alot of reading up and trying to gather as musch info as i can.

But i have the following questions:
-Is my hcg/pct protocol coorect?
-Is arimidex 0.5 eod too much? Should i star twith 0.25mg e/od (Im worried it will kill my estrogen too much thus reducing gains)
-Should i aim for a 500kcal daily surplus and a total of 1pound weekly gain (As would i do as a natural) Or i can get away with a larger surplus without the fat gain?
My goal is to put as much lean muscle as possible while accumulating the least amount of fat.
-Should my protein be higher (more than 1g per lb of body weight) Because protein synthesis will be elevated?
-Should i split up my deca like the test (Monday/Thursday) Or should i use it all on monday with the first test injection?
-How should i split my dbol for best and optimal hyperthrophy gains? I was planning on taking 10mg every 5 hours through out the day. Thoughts?

Thx for your help i really appriciate it. Ps: Sorry for my english its not my native language.


hope this helps


Run the hcg up until you start pct, have the test and deca in both your weekly shots, start adex at .25 eod, have either caber or prami on hand to deal with prolactin sides. I'd also say you should run the cycle longer to get more from it. Lots of people say the dace takes 6-8 weeks to really be noticed. I'm starting a test/deca cycle the same day but am running the deca 18 weeks and the test 20.


Let me know how the amiridex works out, I am going to be running a very similar cycle minus the deca and had the same questions myself. I also decided to run HCG, lots of good reviews on that for kickstarting PCT. I ran tbol last time and found the best results from dosing about an hour before my workout, guess everyone has their own preference though.


solid cycle, but i'd run the A-dex and/or Proviron into PCT..... stopping them both for 2 weeks will spike your estrogen before PCT. maybe run the Proviron to week 14 and the A-dex to week 15 or later?

also, stacking Clomid and Nolva is silly. people say to do it, but have no idea why..... you're better of stacking a SERM and AI than 2 SERMs......


Like said above, start with arimidex at 0.25mg eod.

With cals I usually say start with 750 surplus and work there to find your sweet spot. 1 gram of protein per lb is pathetic. I hit 1.5g per lb when I'm off and 2.5g per lb when I'm on.

Split your Deca with your Test. Steady blood levels are optimal. Glad you aimed for 300mg/wk. Anything over is pointless IMO.Like I said steady blood levels are optimal so split Dbol as evenly as you can as well.

Unlike cyco, I prefer to run both serms just to ensure you recover fully. Don't believe in overkill when it comes to recovery but to each his own. I would extend the Proviron to PCT as well. If you don't have enough I think you're better off splitting the dose in half to last you longer. Better than nothing.

I would extend Test as well to 15 weeks and Deca to 12. If not try to give yourself 3 weeks off Deca before stopping Test. Why? I like to play it safe with Deca's long ass ester and don't want it lingering in my body when my test levels are down. No need for another forum asking why you're dick doesn't work.

Everything else is pretty good. Well thought out cycle. Good luck.