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Thoughts on This Belt


Well I was looking over both threads on the gear and I didn't read anything on this belt:

That one looks like it would be a good belt, however I have only used a belt years ago and more or less for show

I guess I would like to compare it to one of the best:

Is the one on EFS good enough for big pulls and stability or is the Inzer just head and shoulders over it and probably a better choice.

I really don't want to go bigger than 10mm since I'm 5'8" and 180. Thanks


I read on Jim Wendler's Q and A that efs is not selling belts for the next couple of months.


me and most of my team has the lever belt and we all love it. even in purple.


Yea, you can't buy the EFS belts right now.

I have the lever belt and love it.


What are peoples thoughts on the 10mm and 13mm? I was reading a lot through the gear sticky (and the original gear thread) and found some people preferred the 10mm because of rib issues

Do ya'll still feel that way? Is 10mm that obsolete to the 13mm?

I'm 5'8" at 180 right now


Im 6'1, 262 and I use a 10mm belt. And yes, I do have to make sure it is situated correctly or it will hurt my ribs or hips.


Id go with the 10mm.

I have it and it works perfect, no problems.


He is not talking about an EFS belt, he is talking about a Spud Inc. belt - if Elite is not selling them then you can buy them directly from Marc Bartley (Columbia Barbell). It is his company and he has them in stock at his gym; I train there once in a while.

Everyone automatically seems to suggest Inzer without looking at what a deadlift belt is. For the deadlift a lot of times the belt can get in the way - which is why this product was created. Look at Stan Efferdings recent video and you will notice that he was pulling without a belt, this is not uncommon (Konstantine also has some videos of huge beltless pulls).

If you are looking for a "deadlift belt" then the Spud belt works well. I would just buy it directly from him rather than getting it from EliteFTS though.

For a power belt then the Inzer Forever Belts are good quality, or you can go with Titan / APT if you are looking for something more cost effective. Bob's Belts are also very high quality.

Hope this helps to clarify.


I have the spud belt and it is awesome. I have a 13mm buckle belt as well and I never use it anymore. The spud belt is great alone, even better if you put a rehband under it. Also much eaiser to get on and off than a tight buckle belt.



I've used a 10mm lever belt to squat 575 @ 190 and attempt 590. You don't need or want a 13mm unless you're absolutely massive, and even then, its not needed.

The inzer is built well and you'll get a lot of use out of it before it needs to be replaced.


If it's the buckle that's getting in your way, why not just put the belt on backwards (buckle in back)? I've been doing this for some time now and find that I can geally get my hips down much easier at the start.

Two ways to do it. If you don't wear it too tight you can buck it in front, suck in your gut and spin it or you can have someone buckle it for you. I bet this would be even easier with a lever type belt.


Here is a video that might help to clarify the different between a power belt and the Spud, Inc. deadlifting belt:

You are comparing apples to oranges if you are looking at a power belt vs. this belt. It is a unique product and works very well for a lot of people.

I also believe that everyone should have a quality 10mm single prong belt in their bag. For a beginner the APT belts are the way to go - half the price of Inzer and much, much better customer service.


Since Elite FTS is no longer carrying "their" belts, I'm left to look elsewhere.

Were they buying from Inzer? Because they look awfully identical.



or are they both buying them from someone else?


Just get the Inzer power belt quality economy, great belt, great price.


That's what I'm looking at, thanks. It appears to have the same stitching as the other belts but for $30-40 less.


Since neither Elite nor APT have lever belts in stock; and it appears Bob's doesn't carry them, I'm going to give the Inzer 10mm Forever lever belt a shot.


so is it more flexible so it conforms to the body better??


Yes. The spud belt is more flexible, but still tight enough for support. I think Bartley originally wanted the belt because he had a powerlifter's belly and the ratchet belts pinched too much. The Spud belt allows a chubby guy to reach the bar easier on a ME Deadlift. Two lifters in the gym have the Spud belt and love it, but personally i dont think its tight enough for me. I like a regular belt pulled to maximum tightness on squats and deadlifts.


In my opinion, the spud inc. deadlift belts are shit. No matter how tight I got the damn thing, it just never gave me the support and stiff feel that I like. I also REALLY hate that the belt is not of a uniform width. Where the velcro part gets cinched in there is a noticeable lack of abdnominal support in the front due to its tapporing. In general the thing just had way to much give everywhere.

I have the inzer 13mm lever belt and could not be happier with it. Getting the belt tight is easy as pie, as I don't have to pin one end of it against a power rack or some other immobile object or have 1 or 2 other dudes help me tighten it. Its also very stiff, a uniform width and gives plenty of support.
The only warning I will give for it is that when you first get it, you will be tempted to place the lever at the tightest setting humanly possible. I did this, and while it gave me an incredible amount of support, and it sliced into me rather well. Even managed a bloody undershirt from it. I found this out because I was used to those really thin crappy belts that required rookie hooker type tightness to provide support. Lesson learned.

OP, I tried the spud inc. deadlift belt, and felt it to be nothing but a waste of money and ended up buying the inzer lever belt anyway. I can't really comment on the 10mm belt as I have never used it, but if its anything like the 13mm it will serve you well.

If you prefer prongs, a buddy of mine has the APT 2 prong 13mm belt, and it works very well for him. The only real difference I have noticed between the lever belts and the prong belts(provided that they both are the same thickness) is the ease with which the lever belt can be put in place and removed. Both have the ability to pinch your skin if you don't get them set up just right, though only the prong belts have done this to me during a lift. The lever belt never has.

I have a few vids of me using the lever belt in my profile, and I have never had a problem getting into position for a deadlift, even from a defecit.

Hope my rant was helpfull.


I appreciate the review. I ended up getting a Forever Lever 10mm