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Thoughts on this 5/3/1 Oriented Routine While On Gear?


Currently on cycle (prop/tren), former powerlifter, planning to bridge into a cut cycle down the road... a little curious what people think of my exercise choices and the 5/3/1 combination. All accessory is done with 6-12 rep ranges, 3-4 sets, generally lower reps for more demanding/compound movements. M/T/T/F/S layout. Arms have their own day because they're lagging hard from other areas; just testing that out... never had a dedicated arm day.

5/3/1 Squats
Cable Pullthroughs
Leg Curl
Leg Press

5/3/1 Bench
Incline Bench
2 Tricep exercises

5/3/1 Deadlifts
Kroc Row
Chest Supported Row
2 Biceps exercises

5/3/1 Press
Seated DB Press (or Arnold)
Front Laterals
Face Pull

Arm dedicated day
Preacher curl
barbell curl
close grip bench


i like how you put down 2 tri and 2 bi, i do the same thing, it helps to keep from the workout becoming mundane. its nice to do a few excersises of just whatever the hell you want. im assuming that 5/3/1 press is a shoulder press?


Yeah, standing strict military press. I should have also mentioned I would like to step on a stage somewhere within a year or so...


well im not too informed on issues of bodybuilding, but from my understanding, 5/3/1 is pretty versatile epsecially because the assistance half of the program is largely up to the lifter