Thoughts On This 4 Day Plan

Whats up all T-Nationers? I’ve been always soaking up the everlasting useful information that everyone posts up especially in this Strength Sports section of the Forum.

Recently I have purchased a power rack and 300 lb weight set. I wanted some opinions from you guys/girls about this 4 days a week scheme.

Day 1 Legs
Squats or Front Squats 3-4 workign sets working up to heavy doubles or triples
Hack Squats
BB Lunges

Day 2 Chest
Heavy Flat or Incline BB workign sets working on wave loading as of now for Flat
Weighted Dips 3-4 sets

Also throw in some CG Bench Press

Off Day

Day 3 Back
Deadlifts 3-4 sets working up to heavy doubles
Pullups or for me working on negatives to work up to strict pullups
BB Rows 3-5 sets Pronated and RG
Pullups for 2 -3 sets

Day 4 OverHead Pressing Mainly
PushPress 3-4 sets
Seated Military
BB Curls

Sat and Sun off

with monetary issues holding me back to afford more weight and dumbells I am limited. Suggestions are welcome also on a side note im 5`9 245 bodyfat ? high
bench - 290
squat 350
DL -430

ill post pics when i get my digi cam back soon. Thanks in advance .


[quote]ilyttoddll wrote:
Day 1 Legs
Squats or Front Squats 3-4 workign sets working up to heavy doubles or triples
Hack Squats
BB Lunges

I’d choose wide stance Back Squats and long stride Lunges, to make sure that you are getting more hip dominant movements into that workout.

Looks good

I’d prefer Chest Supported Dumbbell Rows, because they pretty much eliminate cheating :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m assuming all of these exercises are heavy with a setXrep scheme like 4-6X(3-5) or something.

Swap dips for Decline Skull Crushers or just flat Skull crushers if your equipment can’t go to a decline. Probably shouldn’t do two days of dips with this work load, but you can go for it if you’d like. Uhh, if these are triceps dips (where you aren’t suspended by parallel bars), then forget I said anything :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like a good workout, overall :slight_smile:

thanks flow i dont have dumbells like i said but heavy movements with as proper form as i can. the dips on chest day are wide gironda dips for chest and the second dip day are elbows back and mainly for tris.

Also, i dont have an EZ curl bar to do skulls but should i give it a try with the Barbell? seems like it would kill my wrists. thx again

Allrite, pics will be up tonight in hopes for more responses.