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Thoughts on the Supreme Court


There are three things I want to throw out to you guys for discussion:

  1. Gorsuch

First of all; he is a legal scholar that I think will vigorously adhere to the Law. Quite frankly, I am looking forward to his opinions and/or decisions. I think he will be a surprise to many because I get the feeling that he is one of those people who respects the law more then partisan ideology. These are the Justices that historically get called “traitors”.

Even if he turns out to be a partisan hack…he restores “balance” to the Court.

Good choice…and one the DEMS will look stupid fighting.

  1. The NEXT choice (which many feel will happen under Trump’s watch) will be the “crucial” one, in that it will determine the “balance” of the Court (sorry for the parentheses around “balance”, guys…but the modern history off the Court has proven this to be a dubious distinction at best)…but for the sake of discussion; the “balance” of the Court changes. The DEMS have to fight this one. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing another scholar…even Merrick Garland…but he is “damaged Obama goods” so it won’t happen. I am willing to bet that his or her Lower Court rulings will be MUCH more controversial than the rulings if either Gorsuch OR Garland.

  2. Trump has the potential to nominate 1-2 more during his tenure.

What say 'ye?

Any thoughts?


Unfortunately with how much Republicans openly admitted to stopping every Obama policy regardless of content the Dem base will see it as Dems fighting back against anything and everything Trump related. Tack on Republicans refusing to even acknowledge Garland, and you’ll see a huge swell of support for the “resistance.”

Even practically, delaying a SC nominee more or less gives the Dems a permanent stall tactic on any Trump EO (ie Muslim ban).


Ginsberg is rumored to have pancreatic cancer, and Kennedy’s considering retirement.


Not to highjack, but since so very few cases make it to SC, lm hoping to see more conservatives get on the Appellate level too.

OT agreed first will probably ‘sail’ through compared to next. And even though lm a partisan, would rather that Judicial move to justices that interpret rather than legislate, since that door swings both directions.


One problem with Trump getting another nomination is it can’t be too close to the end of his term or we’ll just see what happened with Obama again.


If RGB and Kennedy leave and Gorusch is in. The liberals won’t allow it. The Senate will need to use the Nuclear option.

Depending on the new appointments it would be the most literalist SCOTUS ever. Breyer, Sotomayor and Kagan are going to be writing alot of dissenting opinions.



This is probably grousing on my part, but sad how threads like this or a couple I put up like social media or sanctuary cities get no action, but post one asking ‘Should I wash hands after going potty?’ crash the system.

Sigh :expressionless:


I think Trump will regret his Gorsuch choice after one lost challenge and then he’ll nominate someone like his sister.

How’s that? :slight_smile:


Ordering a microphone to drop, for posts like ^^^


I have heard rumblings about Breyer wanting to retire as well.


I suspect retirement is highly dependent on who the president is. Someone who leans left might stay in until they die or until a democrat president takes office. I’m sure Ginsburg’s thought after the election was “F… I have to work another 4 more years”


Every single time Trump says something stupid or blunders I say “Supreme Court Justices” and I feel much better.

If he really gets to place 3-4 originalist justices on the SC and flood the lower courts with good judges he may be the most “conservative” president of our lifetime considering those judges could serve for 40 years each.

Consider if Hillary had appointed 3-4 more Sotomayors…

That’s what this election was about for me.


Because a life and career of achievement are less revealing than 20 hours of self serving questioning or how to play politics? Schumer is a pig.


You are spot on my friend. And those who cannot see this are lead by their emotions and blinded by their hate for Donald Trump.

By the way I’m hoping Ginsburg retires. She’s 84, looks 94 and acts like she’s 104…when she’s awake that is.