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Thoughts on the Power Shrug and Krik Row

What do you guys think about the power shrug and kirk row for traps and delts?

Love Kirk rows



LOL wrong Kirk


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Do you find that they hit the medial delts as well as the traps?

One of the exercise in Jim Wendler’s “5/3/1 100 Rep Challenge” is the Kirk Shrug. The first couple weeks my medial delts were absolutely wrecked from them. So yes, they’ll work your delts.

I just wanted to make sure we are talking a Karwoski row and not a upright row…

Either or will hit the medial delts … with the normal upright being slightly better for the job IMO ( take it with a grain of salt) For myself I use Kirk rows mainly for the traps and any benefit for the shoulders is secondary for myself.

Any of you incorporate power shrugs in your training? I’ve tried it before but didn’t feel my traps too much.