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Thoughts on the PH3 Program?

Any thoughts on Layne Nortons Power Hypertrohy Program? Thinking about running it soon. Anyone here that has experience with the program? Or just powerbuilding in general?

“This program is for advanced lifters only. If you’re a beginner, or you’re not ready for this program and you try it, you will find yourself in over your head very quickly, and you may get injured. I don’t recommend this for beginners, or even intermediate lifters.” - Layne Norton

Didn’t you post a few days ago that you were a teen just starting to lift? There are better programs for you.

Do you have any other powerbuilding programs a more beginner/intermidate lifter can do?

I would just do 5/3/1… The template is such that you will get stronger especially at your age if you’re eating enough. Then you basically have the freedom to set up the assistance work however you want. AKA you can mirror a “Powerbuilding” program after your main work. Just sdon’t overdo it. If you do the big lifts and eat enough you will get bigger and stronger I promise.

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Basically any program that has some kind of strength-oriented progression plan with bodybuilding style assistance work will work as a powerbuilding program for you. 5/3/1, GreySkull, Iron Sport you name it. If you are starting out, 5/3/1 for beginners or GreySkull would both work very well.

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Don’t run PH3, it is for more experienced lifters.