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Thoughts on the CrossFit Games?


Anyone here watch them on ESPN 2. If not, it is worth a look, especially for the "haters".

Final episodes of the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games to be re-aired on ESPN2 Monday, October 3 from 9pm-11pm ET (6pm-8pm PT)


Are you fucking kidding me? C-fit games get ESPN coverage?????????????????????


I shit you not they had the 2011 Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on for the 4th of July. And this I saw in Taiwan!


Its worth checking out. They did a really good job of marketing CF and the episodes are entertaining.

I'm not a CF guy but its still cool. The women are in great shape and easy on the eyes, the workouts are tough (people hate but couldnt do most of them i would imagine) and its well put together.

Check it out and come up with your own opinion but as far as I'm concerned its worth watching if nothing else good is on.


One of my good buddies bartends at a place where the GM is a crossfit fanatic, and the bar actually advertised that they were showing the games. My boy said the joint was packed with super tatted out skinny dudes drinking the most "exotic" beers they could find and bitching about the menu not having paleo options, no shit. I found that especially funny 'cause my boy knows nothing about crossfit or the running jokes associated with it.


hahahaha that is pretty awesome.


Paleo options, LOL.


That's just confusing...I almost said DB Cooper has been to Taiwan ?!?! Has the whole T Nation gone topsy turvy!?

Back to topic, Crossfit, girls hot, men small, that's all.


Ha ha...sorry...we'll be switching back tomorrow I think BIATCHES!


Sorry..that last bit was the DB talking.


watched the xfit games last night and enjoyed the compitition..

what i dont understand, is why some "pure bodybuilders" at my gym, and i imagine at most gyms, make fun of these guys with the type of exercises they do..

wanna be great at xfit, do all their exercises....

wanna be a great runner... run..

wanna be a great baseball player, play baseball..

with a 250k prize, i wonder why there wernt any "pure bodybuilders" there? i didnt see any of the clowns at my gym that badmouth these xfit guys...


why would someone who is a "pure bodybuilder" try to compete in something that was "bodybuilding"? That doesnt really make sense.

quite a few of the guys have competing have olympic lifting backgrounds and or were colligate athletes... those are the kinds of people who compete in xfit, not people who's top goal is a "look."


90% of the Crossfit diciples are idiots who think they're getting in "awesome shape" from climbing a rope 4 times. The Crossfit men and women you saw on TV are certified ass kickers and I would venture to guess they look better than 90% of the haters on this site. Checked up on the male winner, bodyweight 190 lbs, low 300 bench, mid 300 squat, almost 500 lbs dead and he beat a Navy SEAL who came in second.

Probably wouldnt be your first choice for a workout but try to do 200 bodyweight squats without stopping like they had to do as part of their day one workout. Not the hardest thing in the world but not exactly easy either.

Im dont do Crossfit but can appreciate their effort and the look of some of them on TV, especially the females!