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Thoughts on the Airdyne Bike?


I've been thinking about picking one up for my home gym. I'm in a fatloss phase right now and looking for a bit of a break from sprints and kettlebell stuff. Has anyone had any experience with the airdyne, good or bad? My cardio generally consists of some kind of interval work.


I was doing:
30 second sprint
20 med ball slams
rest 90 seconds

started at 3 rounds, got up to 5, but it sucked. On the other hand, when anyone describes cardio/conditioning that sucks, its a good thing.

Now its warm out, I am doing the prowler. But I think when winter comes back I'll be doing the airdyne again.


My parents have had one of these forever. I think it is awesome, especially for interval work.


Clarence Bass approves of it!


Mike Boyle is also a big fan. I found one for $40 on craigslist earlier.


I hate the airdynes. I think the bike is an ideal piece inexpensive compared to treads, quiet. The airdyne is noisey and I don't like the arm crap. I used a bike many times just for weight management. And with a normal stationary you can read, have coffee or what ever. At the same time you can do a punishing interval workout on the bike. Hell I use to use dumbells while I rode the bike curl, press you name it.


I love mine....!


I know this hasnt been posted on for awhile but I thought I would add my two cents. We used these to condition for wrestling and let me be the first one to say that this machine is awesome. For a bigger guy like me I hated running sprints and stairs and found this to be a great alternative. I am about to pick one up here real soon and I can hardly wait.

Sample Workouts

45 seconds sprint 1:15 off ( start at 8 rnds & work up to 20 rnds if you can)

20 min above level 5 (increase time by 2 minutes once this becomes easy)

10 min @ 3.5 level, 8 min. @ 4.5 level, 6 min. @ 5.5 level, 4 min. @ 6.5 level, and 2 min. @ all out sprint

The interval training one will gas you out at first but the key is to try and go as hard as you can for the 45 sec. of work even if by the end you are crawling.

I used to do intervals on this twice a week and then do a 30 min @ 5 three times a week and I honestly believe this is what helped me drop 20 lbs in 2 months. The beauty of this machine is the faster you spin the harder it gets, its a battle between you and the blades.


I dont regret getting mine, a fabulous conditioning tool.
use it in conjunction with lifting, like gymjones.com do, for a change


Fire in my lungs and quads pumped to the point of pain, I picked mine up for $75 on Craiglist and it's in great condition.

I've been doing 20s : 40s intervals after my squat sessions. The first two sprints are great when I can get to level 15-18 and after that it keeps dropping until I'm at 9-10 towards the end lol


I know, it is a humbling piece of equipment!
I sometimes incorporate them into leg sessions.
squats 10 sec sprint 2 min rest....repeat until done.

Varying sprint distances.

Gymjones does one workout - 300 calories in 10 mins.