Thoughts on Test/Deca/Adrol Cycle?

Thoughts on this next blast. Will be starting after TRT cruise 165mg p/w will be nice and lean. Goals is winter bulk as much size as possible but keeping diet clean and trying not to go too crazy with dosages

16 weeks / 600mg test e / 600mg deca / 2 x 4weeks Adrol 100mg.
Can’t decide if is should run adrol 1-4 & 9-12 OR 5-8 & 13-16.

Also considered lower test and adding in EQ but i think this gives me the best bang for my buck. Ran test up to 750mg, Npp 350mg, EQ 750mg in previous cycles not all together. Adrol is a new compound
Use adex on cycle and have caber and nolva on hand