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Thoughts on Test Cyp, Equipoise, Parabolin Stack?

Testosterone Cyprionate 300mg,
Equipoise 600mg,
Parabolin 150mg
Aromasin .5mg ED

1st cycle with Parabolin, thoughts?

That aromasin dose is not right. Also, you should have almost no need for an AI with that test:EQ ratio.

Have you used tren before?

I have it a n hand if needed then, thanks…
No, I have not. That’s why I am starting low.

Iron, doesn’t EQ aromatize at about 1/2 the rate of Test? 1/2 of 600 + 300 would put him at around 600 mg of test level of aromatization. I agree that the AI dose is too high, but I would think many would need some AI or SERM on that.

Maybe I am wrong. I have heard conflicting reports about EQ and E2.

EQ has a metabolite that converts to what is functionally the same as arimistane, the otc AI. On paper it aromatises at half the rate of testosterone, but within the body it becomes a different animal. There are dozens of blood tests that show guys with crashed e2 from running high EQ/low test cycles and no AI.

You’re using the worst version of tren for a first-timer. The recommendation is always use tren ace because if you get all the nasty side effects it’s over in a few days. Tren e means maybe two weeks of lingering sides. Tren hex could be three weeks of misery. That’s not ideal, especially when you consider that there is a much simpler option available at what is frankly a lower price. You should be able to identify why you chose that compound and that specific ester (or blend of esters) before you use it. Can you do that?