Thoughts on Test C, Finasteride, and Adex

Was talking to a guy at the gym here about testosterone replacement, etc. He’s about 45 and tells me that he’s on 200mg test Cypoinate / week, 1mg finasteride daily (worried about his hair,) HCG (I forget the dose) and takes a sliver of Armidex here and there. I have a feeling his regimen won’t be too popular with many here. He said he’s been on this regimen for about 3 years.

What I noticed about him. His hair looked good. Even hair line, some thinning up top. Mild gyno but because he’s so solid looking from lifting it doesn’t look bad at all.

I believe most would say the finasteride and Armidex would not be good as he’s playing around with his hormones way too much? Also, is it ok to take finasteride while on Test Cypoinate and will that indeed protect your hair to any extent?

Does male pattern baldness run in your family? If not, you don’t need to worry about hair loss on testosterone

It does. Maternal and paternal side. So far, I haven’t found any literature showing anything toxic about that combination.

Toxicity, no, jacking up your hormones, yes. If it were me, I would just shave my head and get it over with. You’ll lose your hair at one point or another regardless.


Thats what I did. Took Finasteride for years. Ended up on TRT due to secondary hypo and whacked hormones that I believe may be in part to the Finasteride. My hairline receded upon ceasing but I just buzz it now anyway.

I don’t think it is binary. Hair genetics exist on a spectrum. Pretty good hair genetics + blasting and cruising, might equal average or below average hair genetics.

FWIW, I tried low dose Finasteride (0.5 mg M,W,F). It seemed I was getting a bit more ED. I have had some ED since before TRT, and TRT didn’t fix it. Maybe it was something else, but for now I am ceasing use of it. I’ll try later on to see if that was the variable that caused my ED (couple other factors were at play). My libido was actually crazy on the stuff though, but what the hell am I to do with a libido from a 14 Y/O male, if I go soft half way through.

Yeah, I can understand that. When I started having ED issues I was going soft halfway into it. And when i started hearing questions from my gf and her getting frustrated and then seeing a pattern of it….my stress from all that just added to the ed. It was a time that gf’s quickly turned into ex gf’s.

I stopped antihistamines, made sure my blood pressure was a little less than 120/80, which btw helped the ed. And I’ve done my best to deal with stresses in a more positive way. It wasn’t until I started T that my drive came back but also the sensitivity down there. Before T, orgasms were feeling like they were numb. I didn’t look forward it at all. T brought the sensitivity back. When I drive somewhere and think about sex or tits or any woman I find attractive, I’ll get hard ons while driving. And I think that did a lot for my self esteem. That last few women I’ve been with, I was able to “last.”

I do card about my hair though…I’m someone who can’t “sport” a lack of hair. I look a hell of a lot better with it. The thought of no hair makes me feel anxiety beyond what I would ever wanna feel because I know that would alter my social life for the worse.

Keep in mind that if it is super important to you, you can try finasteride to see if it works, and there is always dropping $5k on a hair transplant.

Underrated comment. That’s my plan if my hairline goes up north too soon. Right now I’m using minoxidil and it prevents my stress related hair loss I had the last few years. Might be MPB triggered through life and work stress but I don’t know that, it looks different.

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Did it look good before he started TRT? I had recession before AAS and despite some shedding on certain compounds my hair looks exactly the same as before. I don’t take anything for it

Anyway, if he feels good, and labs look good, nothing wrong with his choice of compounds IMO

Some guys look OK bald others don’t at all. Anyone notice Ryan Humiston lately bald? OMG it’s bad.

One only needs to look at their mom’s dad if he is bald you have a 95% chance to be bald.
I have tried most of what is out there next to plugs and only biotin supplement have helped.

I’ve taken biotin everyday for the past year and what I’ve noticed is faster growth not new growth. It also has my nails looking pretty good. They look clearer and grow faster.

He said his hairline was good before trt and thicker. He believes his hair is not as thick but to look at it, most would say it looks thick and healthy looking. The mild thinning on top isn’t bad at all.

I agree and my current hair shafts are thicker. Probably no new growth but better than what I had before biotin. The OTC and prescript topicals just burned my scalp and gave me psoriasis and eczema. If you happen to grow a beard the biotin also helps. Sorry I suck at selfies.

Another thing I’ve noticed. When I’ve taken Armidex in the past, which was only very briefly sometime ago, I noticed my facial hair grew much quicker and denser. I’m talking within the same week.

The testosterone Cypoinate definitely darkens and makes my body hair come in thicker. Too god dam bad it doesn’t do the same up top.

Yeah not a beard guy here. But you’re lucky to be able to sport it. I’ve had many if not all my ex’s say I definitely look good with the thick head of hair I had until I was around 32. I would give anything to be able to blow up again and move that hair off my eyes, LOL.
I may indeed do Bosley but if I do, it’s going to be the works…

I too am vain about my hair. It means a lot to me. I would do a transplant, but I’m far far away from that. We don’t all have to care about hair, but it is okay to care or not care.

You can kinda see my hair from behind in my profile pic.

I’m curious, where do you think is the best place for test cyp injection? I’ve been doing the quad. I’ve always been afraid to do the butt as I’ve heard if you hit a certain nerve there you’re fucked!!!

I also changed yo the 1/2 needle…so much better…I hated that 1”

I like lats actually. Kinda the front/side of the lower lat. I’ve never had one painful injection. I’ve only been pinning them for a bit though. Delts are pretty good, but for me it took a month of occasional painful injections (pip) for them to get used to it, were the lat was painless from the get go. Quads for me were like Russian roulette. Either painless, or almost crippling. Never tried the glute. I like 27 gauge 1/2" slin pins for injections. The 27 gauge pulls oil so much faster than the 28 gauge. It’s only a tiny bit larger diameter.

Wow, I’ve been using a 23g!