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Thoughts on Teenagers & AAS


Okay guys, here we go, probably in for a bunch of hate, but I'm sick of not knowing for sure. I am 17 years old, 5'4 & 164 lbs with 9% body fat (we get measured in wrestling every year). It's my senior year & I can't play sports anymore because of some custody issues between my parents, so the gym went from being #2 to #1. I've been lifting weights consistently since I started playing football in 7th grade, but have been following a diet & a strict work out plan devised by me every day (minus Sunday) since I turned 16 in May of 2013.

For the past few weeks I have seriously been considering whether or not to try and become a professional bodybuilder. I know it's the toughest sport in the world and it's not something I can just make happen, that's besides the point. I have a legit online supplier, I have ordered from them before & can get my hands on some test, Clomid, Nolvadex, and arimidex for a first cycle. I've done plenty of research & would be willing to show pics, my diet, my workout plan, and my proposed cycle to anyone who is wiling to tell me the truth and help me. I know I can seriously mess up my natural teatosterone by taking AAS this early, but what about Jay Cutler/Ronnie Coleman/Arnold? They had to have started around my age if not earlier.

If I did run a cycle, it'd be:
- Arimidex .5mg eod
- 1-12, test e 250 mg Monday AM Thursday PM
- 13-14, take nothing
- 15-16, Nolvadex 40 mg/day, Clomid 150 mg/day
- 17-18, Nolvadex 20 mg/day, Clomid 100 mg/day
- 19, Clomid 50 mg/day

5'4, 164 lbs, 9% body fat, 2876 calories/day, 328g protein, 241g carbs, 53.75g fat.
Any & all help is much appreciated, anyone willing to fill me with knowledge about this topic, I thank you dearly as this means a lot to me. Thanks


Seems like a good cycle. id start with .25 mg of arimidex eod and up that if you start getting sides. other then that you're good to go, people will hate on you though saying you shouldn't start a cycle this young though haha, your diet looks great btw.


You seem to have a fairly good understanding of what you're doing as far as this cycle goes. What I'm about to say is my personal opinion on teenage steroid use, and while others might not agree with it, I will stand by it...

While you can seriously mess up your entire body by doing hormones at any age, your body is especially sensitive at your age. That being said, you are correct in saying that professional bodybuilders do start early. If that's truly a path you want to go down, then you're more than welcome to. Everyone has morals, and it's no one else's responsibility but your own to decide what those morals are.

Keep this in mind: There are a LOT of risks. A major one would be the fact that you might have to be on TRT for the rest of your life. That is a true commitment. Also keep in mind that you would probably have to hide this from your parents.

Weigh it all out. If it's truly worth it to you, then go for it. Don't be fucking stupid about it. I would rather see an informed teen go on, than some dumb fuck 30 year old who has been lifting for a few months. I don't care to see pics / training / nutrition; if you're posting here, then you've already got a large voice in your head saying go for it.

Whichever way you choose, good luck.


i think you should post pics, diet and training routine because more times than I can count there are kids that come to this forum thinking they look the part and act the part and everything is perfect when that couldn't be farther from the truth. However, I don't think you fall into this category but I'm only basing that off of your post. So post up if you don't mind. It's only going to help you so why not.


is it likely that you will be 5'4 for the rest of your life?

if not, I would suggest holding off on the steroids until you are older.. im 5'9 and I feel short a lot of the time, can't imagine how you must feel.


At 5'4", have you not considered that you may still have a growth spurt at 17?

As for whether you have the genetics to be a pro bodybuilder, have you ever preped for and taken part in a local natural competition? If so, how did you place? Bodybuilding is not just about size, it's about proportions, symmetry, length of muscle bellies etc. Drugs won't change these.

How do you know what age ALL the pros started using?

Do you think pros that are not in the top 10 at the olympia are actually able to make a good living from bodybuilding?

You seem very ready to jump into this as a distraction because of your domestic issues and the fact that you can't play sports.

It would be best to not make a decision like this under such circumstances.


You make stupid posts like this in the nutrition section...

...when you have started a cycle. (Hopefully you have not, but it's still fucking stupid for someone intending to do one.)

Please shut the fuck up.


is that what you'd do, yeah? Tell us more about how you'd maintain your 160lbs.

I mean obviously you're someone we can all learn SO MUCH from.


Thank you all for your help. Do you know if me running this cycle is basically a guarantee of me messing up my natural testosterone? Even if I, say, were to have a very good PCT? Is it just a possibility, more than likely, or do you guys think it WILL happen? I'll post some pics when I get home from school today.



A lot of the more knowledgeable members have given you pretty good advice, but I have one more point to add. You are only 17, make sure you have the financial resources to go down this road if you decide to. Gear isn't always cheap and neither are ancillaries, and your parents won't be buying your food forever (if they are now), not to mention medical costs if things go wrong. I'm not saying do it or don't do it, but that is definitely an additional variable you should consider.


No, there is no guarantee that you will or will not mess up your body. Like I said, it's just a major risk. If you're willing to cross over to the "dark side", you will need to accept that.

And like the above poster stated, make sure you are financially stable enough for this.


Ok look kid, you are not making sense. You are not mentally mature to undertake the risks involved.

There is NO GUARANTEE of the body going back to normal for an ADULT even with a fucking aggressive PCT.

Your body is not fully physically mature yet. You are 5'4. You may have a growth spurt coming. You could potentially be stunted using an aromatising compound.

Can you afford to get bloodwork done in case of complications that may be self treatable? Can you afford the stuff needed?

Do you have the finances to seek potentially prolonged medical treatment if something major fucks up? Or will you live with a limp dick for years until you are financially independant? Your FUCKING COLLEGE YEARS where you should be fucking everything that moves.

Why do you think you need to be assisted NOW to potentially go pro? If you have pro proportions and symmetry, a qualified physique coach would be able to tell even if you were natural. Why don't you seek one out and get advice on career propects first?

Why are you basing your decision to be assisted on "I really really want to turn pro" instead of consulting with actual qualified professionals on your potential?


I did my first at 18. I got permanently shut down and at 23 years old if I don't stay on at least a trt dose I barely function properly. Do I regret it? Not yet. Do I think I would have been better of waiting? I honestly don't know...probably. I think you should wait not due to your age but due to you not being financially set to do this properly.

Think about it. Cost a couple hundred to get the drugs. Say something goes wrong and you get a infection. Now you need medical asst depending on your insurance if you even have any that's $50-1000 depending on how bad... Who is going to float that bill? Your parents. Sounds like they have enough on their plate as is. What happens if something starts to go wrong and you need blood work? You need more money and most likely your gonna have to talk to your parents and they are most likely not goig to be to happy with your decision.

Or worst case lets say your doing ok and then all of a sudden you get caught with the shit by police. Doesn't happen alot for small time users but, SHIT DOES HAPPEN. What in the hell now. Now your stuck with the price of the gear and don't even get to use it. Then comes months of legal fees, attorney fees, and something that doesn't look to good on your record or on a college or job application. Your 16 or 17 what ever. Your thinking about you and your thinking about right now. You are considering what could happen to you without any regard to what it is financially and emotionally possibly cost your family.

If you do the cycle so be it. Your at a very vulnerable age and are wanting to steroids to HOPE that you might turn pro in body building with out any real knowledge of if it is even almost possible. Then my question to you is this. Do you honestly expect to to make a living as a pro? Unless you are seriously the Mr.O chances are you will not make much. Many if not most pro body builders live a shitty life for their goal. Not that I say it is not worth it but, you shouldn't be putting your eggs all in that basket. Especially only being 5'4" not many pros that height. Just saying. I suggest you think about it more. But, good luck if you do.


Thank you all for your input, it looks like I will be waiting. How long? Not sure, probably til after college, we'll see how it goes.

As for you, dt79, you're quoting me as if I'm a child


I apologise.


No one is meaning to talk to you like that hear. Trust me if you wanna see how we talk and treat idiotic teens look st thread right below this one called 16 year old needs help. You have to realize most people your age who come here are entirely immature and moronic in what they think and how they react. We are bombarded by trolls and sheer stupidity here on a absolutely daily basis here. Adding the fact you are 16 usually makes it even worse. You how ever are pretty knowledgeable and well beyond your peers in this respect.


Thank you very much, it means a lot.


At 5'4 and those specs you probably look pretty stacked compared to your peers, but yes being 5'4 sucks. It does however make you look a good deal thicker. It is a tricky question though, you could wait and hope to get taller but as mentioned your body is way sensitive right now, and I feel like those who begin younger seem to get a leg up and hold on to a bit more of their first few cycles. You will probably be on trt but you will in most cases do that anyway.

Sometimes there isn't an easy right or wrong choice, it's simply a choice and whether it was a good one depends on how you feel about it now or later.

PS I'm not sold that the amount of heavy compressive forces that bodybuilding style training puts on your bones won't stunt your growth anyway. Seems to me like your bones would rather stay short to lessen your levers but it's probably not a big factor, giant football players who train heavy come to mind as a counterpoint.


Ooh also there is a money issue to contend with, you don't want to shut yourself off in a major way then run out of your test supply or supplier. Life would suck wang. Also the demand it would place on your life may limit what other endeavors you may get into, like college or an unrelated career or even the social life and learning experiences that being young and stupid can offer.

However if you know this is what you want, 100% no looking back no regrets then I'd go for it. I've always been slightly envious of those who at a young age know exactly what they want to do in life, some people don't find their calling until much later if ever in fact. I think in life we regret the things we do less than the things we don't do.

If you do, I'd request you start an Rmp thread like Aaron Clark did so we may get a chance to watch you grow into a pro career, and people give you all the support and hate that you see in that thread.


there's a lot of good advice here, already. i thought i'd chip in a bit, as well...

  1. you said you've ordered from your source before... what have you used before?

  2. i think you need to bump up your carbs a bit if you wanna grow more... your calories aren't really that high for a hard training guy your age. you might wanna drop training down a day or 2 and bump up the calories/carbs... i suspect you'll see good effects from something as simple as that.

  3. changes in your hormone levels may very well cause your growth plates to close, and you're gonna be done growing. you might think that you're done growing, but i graduated HS at 6'1". i'm almost 6'3" now...

  4. you might wreck your HPTA anytime (as has been mentioned), but it's a little easier to get on TRT (both financially and in plausible deniability) if you're in your 30's. big, cut guys that aren't even 20 yet and can't produce test are a clear giveaway to AAS use...

  5. your cycle is decent (test at 500 mg/wk is always a good plan), but i'd run the PCT different...