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Thoughts on T3?

Has anyone used T3 with gear , I used T3 and Clen a few years back and clen made me way to “Jumpie “ for lack of a better term, worked great but was to harsh!!! Would like to try T3 with my summer cycle. Any thoughts , comments, experience will be greatly appreciated, thank u in advance

I wouldn’t mess with it. I’ve used it, and it is just to catabolic for my liking. I also don’t like messing with thyroid unless it is needed (hypothyroidism). Perhaps if you are pro level?

No absolutely not pro level not even close… I had the “pleasure “ to train with a pro for years , but that was long ago. The thing with the t3 is it definitely burns the fat , but I absolutely will never do the clen t3 combo again!!!

Taking just a little too much T3 can counteract all the gains from even the most anabolic steroids. Not worth it.

250mgs test and 50-75mgs t3 and you wont eat away the muscle

I’m of two minds on T3. On the one hand, it definitely works for fat loss. But on the other, I found it impossible to train while using it. Just made me flat and weak and always out of breath in the gym. So unless you deal better with the fatigue and weakness than I do T3 is gonna be a no for me. Not worth sacrificing your training when clen/yohimbe/ECA are viable alternatives.

Thank u for ur input if u look back at my post u will see I did clen and t3 together and got amazing results. Yes I lost some muscle but was worth it ( I know OMG GUYS R SAYING LOSE MUSCLE) yes I dropped from say 238 to 226/7 and got tons of compliments. The problem was the combo of t3 and clen made me jumpie, I was thinking just using t3… but this my all be a mute point . Going to give GH a shot haven’t tried it in years

And as far as feeling flat and tired I don’t remember that being an issue. But I did eat more carbs