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Thoughts on Syria


Well, for weeks and months, Syria has had protests. Syria has been killing, jailing and torturing the protesters, but somehow these brave people are unfettered. The humanitarian situation is becoming grave their as the government continually caps the asses of the protesters.

Obama is pushing sanctions...I have never seen sanctions work on anybody ever. So what to do, drop bombs? Support the rebels? Ignore it and let it destabilize?
What about Europe? They defiantly have stakes in how this turned out? I know technically, the U.S. is the majority of the military might of Europe, but they have some roll to play here too...

So what do yall think we should do and Europe should do about the situation?

I don't see 'nothing' as a viable option here. There are too many lives at stake to just ignore it.




What can we do? Our military is already stretched with wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Libya. Should we open a 5th front? Sanctions really appear to be the only thing we can do at this point. I'd rather not see our military get involved.


Leave them be, America is already hated enough


I though this interesting.

"The Butcher?s Achilles Heel"

"It turns out that ruthless, blood-thirsty crackdowns aren?t all that great for business ?Bashar Assad?s survival plan is beginning to show some cracks in the form of waning investor confidence and a deteriorating economic outlook.
The Syrian central bank is instituting emergency measures to limit the convertibility of the Syrian pound ? a sign that its foreign currency reserves are under pressure from currency flight and sanctions on oil exports ? while a number of indicators suggest that domestic economic activity is grinding to a halt.
With the US still reeling from the ?days, not weeks? war in Libya, the UN handcuffed by guaranteed opposition from Russia and China, and Turkey still on the fence, it may be that the economy is the only enemy that can force Assad from power."

The rest can be read at:

Also though Max Boots article telling about our administration. They always seem late.

"Obama?s Delay Helped Assad"


"On Wall Street it matters not only that you make the right investment picks but that you make them at the right time: if you wait too long a great stock may no longer be a good bargain. The same principle applies in foreign policy: It?s not just a question of making the right policy calls?it?s also a question of making them in a timely manner. That is something this administration seems to struggle with, and the result is that the U.S. appears increasingly left behind by the fast pace of events in the Middle East."


I am not going to hold my breath, but there is a lot of talk about a joint Saudi/Israeli action against Syria.

I deal with a lot of Saudis in business. They are increasingly of the opinion that the only sane counterbalance to Iran, et al, is Israel and have (on a personal level, but these were members of the royal family) expressed some shockingly unconventional ideas to bring, if not peace, stability.


You probably know much better than I do but do you really think the Saudis would work with the Israelis? (serious question) That just seems like it would get them ostracized in the region.


Very difficult questions. Syria still has considerable power in Lebanon and Assad's regime is allied closely with Iran. The Ayatollah Kamenei has promised $9 billion in aid to prop up Assad's regime. Of course Iran is also pushing for hegemony in Iraq. It's all very messy.


Yeah, don't hold your breath. Of course, everybody want's Assad to leave except....Russia. Wow, that reset button sure worked.


Openly, or like they do now? Is the real question.

Most of the Sunni countries have looked up decided the Shia countries are crazy and want to die.


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If Libya does indeed fall, Assad is going to be shitting pants. All he needs is the people to get empowered and encouraged. I am more for a free Syria than a Libya...Not saying I like Syrian people better, I am saying that they are and have been historically more of a threat.

The question is, are we going to drop bombs on them? Should we drop bombs on them?

I think the whole question of minding our own business here is a moot point to even mention. We are going to be involved, it's just a matter of degree....

If Syria falls, Iran is going to be scared shitless...