Thoughts on Supplementing Pregnenolone and DHEA?

Ive been using Testosterone and Testosterone derivatives for 8 years now, but only recently came to learn of the important of “downstream hormones,” Im pretty uneducated on the matter, but have read anecdotes and testimonies of many seeing DHEA and Pregnenolone suffering after long-term TRT use. Does TRT diminish these values? How should one go about replacing them?

My most recent lans show my DHEA at

278.0 ug/dL on a range of (138.5-475.2)

which is in the middle of the range, not sure If if being at the higher end of the range would be more beneficial, but would love to hear some insight from someone who has supplemented DHEA and or Pregnenolone

I used DHEA the first year or so of trt, then dropped it. I never noticed any difference at all. But give it a whirl and see if it changes anything for you. It’s cheap and basically harmless at standard doses.


DHEA can have the following effects and benefits:

Raises E2 slightly in men.
Helps with adrenal exhaustion or corticosteroid therapy
SLE (was awaiting approval for Lupus, not sure if it has been yet)
Improving bone density
Improving depression & mood disorders
Enhancing immune response by activating T‐cells
Improving well‐being
Decreasing cardiovascular risk
Improving erectile dysfunction

Probably the most notable and common benefit reported to me is improved cognition, mental clarity, decreased brain fog.

While DHEA has never been shown to reverse the aging process, it is nevertheless important for preventive medicine.


On TRT without Pregnenolone and DHEA I can’t remember anything. It’s like I am braindead. My presonality goes away because I can’t even remember what I am talking about. Pregnenolone and DHEA fixes that. HCG does not fix it, just FYI.


What is the most common dose you see for DHEA?

Off the top of my head, 50mg, probably 60-75%. The others range from 25-40mg.


Any effect on your E2?

I’m the same way. I’m taking pregnenolone now(can’t remember MG) but no dhea at the moment. Just started this a few weeks back.
Doesn’t seem to be helping me with the memory issues. It’s funny(but really not) when I was taking 125mg test a week and 125mg deca a week my test and E levels were fairly elevated and I felt great and memory/concentration issues went away. Didn’t have any high E sides. I may experiment again a little after my january bloodwork to see if I can replicate at a lower deca dose.

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Ever heard of DHEA causing skin itching issues when taking 50? i had to drop to 25 every other day to avoid this horrible itching post dose.

none that I can tell. E2 hovers around the same spot no matter DHEA and Pregnenolone or not.

Yes, but not from the DHEA, from the binder used. A couple were allergic to it so we had the pharmacy change the formula.

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you use AI? Sorry for all the questions

All good. No I dont. E2 usually sita around 35-40.

mine is around the same, no AI. can relate to the brain fog issue. Wonder why others dont have this when they dont take pregnenolone

That’s the problem for me most likely then. I couldn’t figure out why dhea would do it. Makes sense thanks brother.

I have it and 100mg daily of preg didnt help.