Thoughts On Sunbutter (Sunflower Seed Butter)

How much do you have to use to make a meaningful batch? I get the ones from Costco and they are still a little spendy compared to other nuts but definitely would give this a try. Also get the shelled pistachios so I might try with those as well.

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They are definitely expensive, but they’re so damn good! Using the food processor to make it is a pain to clean, so I always use at least a pound of nuts, but usually 2 or 3. I don’t use any extra oil, I just add some salt if they’re unsalted.

The cheapest I’ve found is here:


I’ve had very bad experiences ordering food from amazon. Mum wanted some peanuts, ordered some and a lot of them were mouldy

Wow, that’s really gross. Fortunately, I haven’t had that experience (yet). But with free returns, it’s not too big of a hassle.

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Made a small jar today! HOLY SHIT IT’S AMAZING!!!

the hardest part was having to shell all the pistachios though- lost two nails :laughing:

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Haha get shelled for next time!

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I have went on a quest due to this question. I’ve tried Cashew, Pecan, Sunflower seed, Almond, and 7 nut. If I could not eat peanut butter anymore, I would go in this order - Cashew, Sunflower, 7 nut, Almond, Pecan. The pecan is just blah.

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I just used some of that 7 nut stuff on a recent business trip when I couldn’t get sunbutter. Definitely answers the mail. I’ve actually taken to using the stuff on my morning breakfast burrito in place of sour cream. It works much better than anticipated. I got the “peanutbutter and eggs” idea from an elitefts article.

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That just sounds wrong! But I also thought dark chocolate and bacon sounded wrong. It’s actually delicious.

It’s fascinating how things compliment each other. Although I’m a total peanut butter fiend and can put it on just about anything, haha. Goes great on burgers.

Pistachio butter is the best imo

I need to try that and macadamia. Probably need to order it online as I haven’t seen it anywhere. Btw, walmart raised the tiny avocados to .68. I went to central market and theirs are 2.70 each. So now that it’s all in perspective! No more “complaining” from me. :blush:

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pistachio > macadamia
macadamia has a pretty neutral taste and is quite runny just very rich- akin to eating semi melted actual butter (just a LOT more expensive)

Pistachio has a very distinct fragrance, lovely natural flavour and doesn’t need any salt/seasoning

or make your own??? (WAYYY cheaper)