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Thoughts on Suicide


I'm not suicidal, nor have I ever been. But recently I've seen a lot of data on it. 10-12 year olds are killing themselves over bullying. I just read that the AF is in line to pass last years suicide rate. That's a lot of people taking a permanent solution to temporary problems.

I've had my share of problems, especially over the last year, but I never thought about ending it. So I'm wondering, what actually drives people to kill themselves? Does anyone have any thoughts or insights?


Maybe someone who has killed himself can chime in?






I think it was George Carlin who said if you kill yourself by jumping off a building don't think you need a 100 story skyscraper...you'll just have that much more time to change you mind and really wish you hadn't jumped.


(NOT being sarcastic here.)

Dude, your question is reasonable, but can you really not think of any reasons why people commit suicide? Seriously.

There are entire sites and academic texts and articles dedicated solely to this topic.

And that statement about it being "temporary"--UNTRUE in some circumstances. If you're facing life in prison, that's not temporary. Come to think of it, even a few years in prison has caused MANY people to commit suicide because of the brutality and hopelessness in prison life! There are people made sexual slaves (punks) within HOURS of being in prison! And no, you can't just get out of that, and the problem isn't temporary. Even if it is temporary (after all, by definition, a few years isn't technically infinite.

That's just ONE subject regarding suicide.

Let's see what else.

Various mental illnesses such as extreme depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia.


Warfare. People have put themselves in suicidal or near-suicidal situations in warfare or terrorism (eg, Al Quaida, Waffen SS, kamikaze).

Extreme isolation and loneliness.

Involuntary celibacy.

Lack of coping skills.


Concentration or labor camp internment.

Seriously, could you not think of any of these?

And by the way, some of these cases are NOT temporary, and even when they are, the seriousness of them doesn't make up for their temporariness (in reality or in the "reality of the individual".)


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Just fucking do it. Erectile dysfunction is a good enough reason; you don't need our approval.


I think it comes down to being unable to cope or find a solution to some source of pain. Death is an easy, quick, and permanent solution.


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A friend of mine tried suicide. He downed a bottle of pills [think it was tylenol] and chased it with a bottle of bourbon. He wrote his suicide note through a myspace message to his brother at like 3 in the morning. His brother [who lived a few blocks away] just happened to wake up and for some reason checked his myspace. He got the message, rushed to my buddys house and took him to the ER. My boy was legally dead, but was revived and brought back to life. He did this because his girl broke up with him. He was 22 or 23 at the time.


I have considered suicide. It all boils down to what you expect from your future, and the relative value you attach to now and then. If you ever think something won't change, or the pain you feel now is too great to justify holding out for a brighter tomorrow, or too guilty to continue then you are probably heading towards considering suicide.

The philosopher Kierkegaard talks about it a lot, you should look him up.

Ultimately the decision to die is considerably more life changing than any of the things we would think of as life changing decisions, so I am willing to believe that the majority of people probably give it a lot of thought...as a result their actions would be driven by their circumstances and views holistically, rather than by simple single causes.


It runs in my family it seems. Me and other people in my family have attempted suicide a few times. Most of the men on my father's side of the family are all dead, including my father, due to suicides and drug/alcohol overdoses. My sister just recently tried to by taking three bottle of anti-depressants and wound up in the hospital for a week. I think about it every day, I even have a plan and a special noose that I made years ago that I keep with me. It's like having a logical back-up plan. The more I think about it, and the state of my life and the way it's been for the past several years, I probably will wind up dead that way anyway, so it just seems like the logical way to go.

Could be a genetic thing, I don't know. Like people with a natural disposition to self-destructive behavior, or people who are naturally depressed all the time, or people who simply don't enjoy life or see any value in living it, or love themselves enough to try anymore.

Some people just don't have solid enough reasons to live, some have their kids or their spouses, or their careers, etc..... Some just don't see the point in even trying anymore. At least that's how I see it, and not in that emo kid "woe is me" way, I mean like really thinking about it from a fundamental and logical standpoint.


This is a pretty good summation of what I was trying to get at earlier.

Anyone read about the release of DMT when you die, and how it's responsible for those near death experiences?


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I would think that hopelessness mixed with an agonizing situation would play a major part in contemplating or carrying out suicide. I think this is what inname was also saying. Hope is a very interesting thing. Two people in the same situation will likely deal very differently if one has hope of a better future and the other does not.


Most people who make serious attempts but live report being glad they didn't die. For what it's worth.


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