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Thoughts on Squatting 3 Times a Week?

I do legs Wednesday and Saturday I squat both in the 3-5 and 8-12 rep range I usually pryamid up till my heaviest sets then go down and get reps. I was thinking about doing 5-8 sets of light squats on Monday what do you guys think about this is it too much?

na, it’s fine

Try it and listen to your body. Plenty of people squat 3x a week. Plenty of people can’t squat 3x a week for various reasons. It’s a personal thing.

would I have to have a light day or can I jus do the same all three days

I would definitely start with a light/low volume day and see how you feel.

Having 2 back squat days (heavy &volume) and one front squat day in the middle worked pretty well for me for a few months. Just got to pay attention to how your knees, hips and other problem areas are coping.

yeah I’ll try that out thanks for the input

Also keep shoulder/elbow health in mind. They can get pretty beat up from squatting at a high frequency.

Remember though that with higher frequency you need less volume.

What would a example of this be?

What is your goal? Why are you wanting to squat 3x a week?

Do Smalov if you want to squat all the time and specialize in a lift for a few months.

DAY 1 VOLUME DAY - Back Squat Volume (4x8, 5x5, etc)
DAY 2 LIGHT DAY - Front Squat 5x3 or Back Squat 3x10-12
DAY 3 HEAVY DAY - Back Squat Heavy (3x5, 1x5, 5RM and then 1x20, etc)

Got me from a 225 back squat to a 405 back squat. Remember you’ll need some assistance exercises for the quads, hamstrings, low back, and abs on DAY 1 and DAY 3.

yeah its fine, -one of the reason old school 5x5s like texas method work so well