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Thoughts on Squat Briefs?


For the past week or so Ive been seriously considering investing in a pair of squat briefs. Ive noticed now that oftentimes after my DE squatting my hips will be hella sore for a few days afterwards, and now with my S&C program I got from UofR, I do a lot more running, which sometimes equals my hips still being sore when I ME squat.

So, does anyone here have/use squat briefs? I was thinking of ordering the Ernie Frantz ones for $45, which are custom made I believe. If you have them, do you like them? How much support would you say they give? And, if you use them, do you feel your squat form when you do not have them on suffers?

Thanks for any help

Revolution is My Name
Revolution is My Name

If you are going for the best bang for you buck then get a pair of single ply denim briefs from Karin Klein. They are only 60 bucks I believe and they give you a lot more support than Frantz briefs. My favorites are the new Inzer Predator briefs. They blow all the other breifs out of the water. Yes, including metal briefs. I'm totally in love with the Predators but the best value are the karin briefs.


TT, where did you get the Preditors? Did you order them from Mikesell's site. I didn't think thet were out yet.


yup i got them from Brent, he's stocked up so they are shipping out quick now. They are unbelievable....it's probably like a viking suit with the straps up.


Get them! My hips would also hurt for days but after using briefs on DE days, no pain at all. I have a pair of frantz briefs I got used.


So you really like them better than the metals. I might try a pair. I've loved my metal briefs so far.


well, the general opinion is that the metal viking material is second best to rage x material and that is pretty accurate. The design is also superior to the metal briefs design. It takes 2 times bodyweight or more to get to parallel then you get a great pop out of the hole and a good support all the way to the top.


I like my Metal, but these sound sweet. How long have you had them? How does the sizing run? I have an old pair of powerpants, can you compare the sizing of the Preditors to them? I know you have to be able to squat more than twice your body weight, how many extra #'s would you say you get of of them?



Man, I don't know how anyone can actually fit into a pair of powerpants. They are sooo undersized. The predators fit close to perfect without canging them. It takes me about 5 minutes to wiggle in to them with no help so they go on pretty easily. The top of them are cut a lot higher, they come up right to the top of my ribcage so i can lock them in and they don't slip around like my metal briefs. I haven't gone all out in an ME squat but I'd say ANYONE would get 75+, i think i'm gettin over 100.


As a beginer would the frantz briefs work? Im mostly interested in avoiding the soreness Ive been experiencing in my hips due to squatting. I figured briefs would help to alleviate this.

Also, I don't want to mess up my form by getting to used to heavy duty briefs as my form isnt great to begin with.


the frantz briefs will "work". They are more like supportive underwear. They'll protect your hips but you won't get too much out of them. You could go the route of getting karin's single denim briefs but just get them about 2 inches too big in the hips and then send them back to karin later to get them adjusted, you can't do that with frantz briefs.


As of right now getting added poundage is not what Im looking for. I dont think Ill be allowed to use them while Im at college anyway, I just want something to protect my hips. Will the frantz briefs work for this?

Also, I hear the Inzer briefs aren't good, but all I want is hip protection. Will they work for this? When Im ready to actually compete I want a real set, but now Im looking for something just to help hip soreness. I dont want something that will make me have a different form when Im wearing them as opposed to when Im not, as my form is still under construction.


This hit the nail on the head. I don't get much out of my Frantz briefs except support. Then again, that's all I really want most of the time!


I posted a question on this on elitefts and Ox actually replied with an email. He recommended a pair of the ricky dale crain power briefs, as they offered good support and a little pop without being too hardcore being as I am a begginner.

Anyone know of these/have any thoughts on them?

Also, if you do, on the site they have both those labeled "genesis power briefs" for 30, and just "power briefs" for 20. Anyone know of any difference besides brand name?

Thanks a lot for any help


crain power briefs??? :confused: I don't know man, i don't think i'd do it. Really just get a pair of Frantz briefs. they're not too advanced at all and won't change your form and will do a good job of protecting your hips. my "professional" opinion. :slight_smile:


whats wrong with the crain briefs? I know little about this subject, and little about these briefs in general, they are just the ones ox suggested.


maybe notihng is wrong with em but i'd be a little uneasy using them or suggesting them. I'm familiar with frantz and how well they work and i'm ok with suggesting them for you. of course i respect ox's opinion he is a beast. i just have never used them and don't know anyone who has, plus they are not custom made to ur specs. also i'm not a crain equipment fan.


anyone else have thoughts on the crain briefs?



in this article it refers to wearing "looser-than-meet" gear. What does that mean?. Im basically after a pair of groove briefs to protect my hip and groins when i do DE days and throw the shot?
Any suggestions??


Meet gear = the tightest shit possible for maximum carryover. It'll take a long time to get on, and it will hurt like hell. But you don't wear it ALL The time so you just shut up and take the pain.