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Thoughts on Some Biotest Products


Hey guys, I'm new here but I'm glad I found a site that "gets it" supplement wise...

I've been looking at the Biotest products and would like some thoughts on a few I'm considering:

Curcumin 500
Rhodiola Rosea

If you were a poor college student on a budget, what would you think is the best bang for the buck? I'm looking to buy 2-3 of these to add to my multi-vitamin (always), ZMA (been on for a month), and resveritrol (just started taking). I also just started taking zyflamend and havent seen any real results.

I was taking CLA and that worked well, and I add fish oil on occasion.... I like the idea of Flameout having all 3 in one bottle.

Also, anyone have experience with DMG?



Also, as it may help: I'm about 5' 7.5" 145 lbs, 22 y/o, prob around 8% body fat, and just started MMA training coupled with my weight training, and working two new jobs... so I've been stressed and lacking energy with the new routine. I just stopped my soy intake a month ago after hearing some horror stories and that has actually been really good for me IMO. I like long walks on the beach and watching the stars...


What are your goals?

Is health your #1 Priority? Body Fat? Muscle?

there in lies your answer.
As a broke college student I'm surprised you can afford REZ-V (if you're using Biotests brand)


Sorry for the 3rd post in a row, but my 2nd one still hasnt passed the filters I guess otherwise I'd edit it...

Final notes: I am coming off ankle surgery to repair one of my ligaments, and that bothers me a great deal. My goals are to increase my overall athleticism and strength, maybe improve body composition (though it's already pretty good), and not necessarily gain weight (dont care much either way).

Ok that should be all lol


If you're a poor college student save your coin.

The amount of money you pay for the majority of supplements will result in fairly negligible gains.

That being said, if you do not have the following, listed in the order of importance, do not buy anything else.

  1. Protein
  2. Fish Oils
  3. Creatine
  4. Multi/Greens
  5. Post Workout Formula (Surge Recovery etc.)

In other words you should only be considering Flameout and Superfood in the above list.



Flameout and Curcumin 500 for your injury

Receptormax is rather pricey at this point for you, bang for the buck wise IMO.

Alpha-GPC can help with strength, though I had to double dose it to get a decent improvement.

Putting on some weight would help with your strength however.


Thanks for the responses so far, keep em comin!

Yea the more I hear about Curcumin 500 the more I think it could help the ankle...

I switched up my weight routine a couple months ago and have seen good results... lower reps, higher weight... I based it on the MAX-OT training system.

I have egg white protein that I only use when needed, fish oil, and a multi... I mostly just try to drink a smoothie after my workouts.

I may add creatine in the fall, but I have a football tournament coming up and last time I used creatine I had problems with cramping that I want to avoid.


I found a good deal on res... 23 bucks for 60 or 90 capsules (i forget) @ 250mg each, on sale at local whole food store :)... I'm not TOTALLY cheap


I've always had it drilled into my head that fish oil is pretty important.


Get Flameout or some other fish oil for your health and joints. Also, Cissus Quadralangis is GREAT for joints and injuries. Everything else isn't worth it IMO


My friend said something about cissus as well, I'm going to ask him tomorrow at the gym and google it. I think I can actually get it uncapped in bulk for next to nothing so it's worth a shot.


You have this backwards.


I'd say go with the Flameout. For the amount of fish oil that we need as very active individuals, it's actually the cheapest. For example, I'd need 16 generic fish oil caps to get the same as 4 Flameout caps, so it ends up being hella cheaper.

Plus, it really lubes up your joints, and if you start to have joint pain you can usually megadose on fish oil and it'll resolve itself fairly quickly. It also contributes strongly to nerve health, so I'd imagine it helps with CNS fatigue during intense lifting.

Other than that, I'd say you're on the right trace. I just got my Curcumin 500 and in 2 doses (4 caps) it damn near overnight fixed some knee pain I was having.

Lastly, check out that resveratrol supplement that you got... I looked around for a long time, but as best I could tell, you could only get like 25-50mg of resveratrol in most supps when you paid like $20 for 60-90 caps. Rez-V is 200mg per cap. I don't know how much you're shooting for, but if you're going off that, you might want to just be aware of it.


Thanks again for all the advice guys! Yea it looks like Flameout is a def win. Circumin too at least for a little while while my body heals a bit.

The res supp i found (should have stocked up b/c it will propb double in price next week lol) has 250 mg res from 700mg of herbs.... got 60 of them

every once and awhile this local store has some great deals


yea i gotta get more omega 3... i do eat a good deal of fish and foods with added flax and canola oil mayo etc but prob not often enough


Chris Shugart wrote a pretty good article on the "triage" of supplementation:


Yeah, I agree that peri-workout nutrition should be your number one goal in terms of making any gains. Then fish oil comes after that if you can afford it.

If you want to go further, the Biotest supplement that has worked pretty well for me so far is Alpha-GPC. Made my bench go up 20 lbs the 1st time I took it!


At that size, every penny you're considering spending on supplements should be spent on large quantities of food.


or food supplements: whey, PWO drink, and fish oil. Only things with calories.

I'm a big fan of mixing and matching- I take 1 serving of Flameout daily and then 12-15g of weaker fish oil caps.


Forget the CONola oil.


Most of his food MAY be on a meal plan since he mentioned being a "poor college student" that doesn't mean he shouldn't be buying MORE food to help, just that much of it might be covered.

To the OP...I agree with many of the responses you've gotten:

(in no real order)
Surge Recovery
Protein (different than PWO, and to mix in smoothies and the like)

IF you still have $$ to spend...

Kinda a toss up between Curcumin and Rhodiola (and forgive me, but I don't remember the prices of each right now)

Curcumin for the ankle pain (though sometimes pain is good, so you know what NOT to be doing so things can heal)

Rhodiola - for the lack of energy due to all the stressors you've got going on right now.

As for Cissus, I tried it and found no benefit. Others have...(at least they say they have) found benefit....YMMV...