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Thoughts on Smolov Deadlift?


Smolov squat program done with your conventional deadlift stance off a very low box with a saftey squat bar.

Is it just me or does this sound like it would put alot of weight on your deadlift?

Just thought I would ask because Im going crazy trying to think of ways to get my deadlift up without over training the movement. I figure because you cant use that much weight off a low box with a SSB it wouldnt burn you out as fast as just doing regular squats. And it would also have way more cary over than regular squats.

I have read your deadlift and bench go down when you do smolov so this sounds like it would work great for my deadlift and my squat.







Very informative, thank you.

It sounds like they dont like smolov to much, I have never used a SSB before and I never use boxes that are to low so If I was to just get a max on the SSB and go from there so Im confident I would be able to keep up with the program for quite a while if not the whole time.

It would just be 7 weeks long and based off a 8 day week, I dont work, I have unlimited food and supps and can sleep as much as I want. So as far as that goes Im set.

At the moment Im comeing back from a pec injury so I wont be pushing bench to hard just moving up 10lbs a week starting at 135 so theres no way my bench could suffer.

I was thinking something like:

Monday: chins 3x?
bench 3x10
abbs 3x?

tuesday:chins 3x?
abbs 3x?

wendesday:chins 3x?
skull crushers 3x?
abbs 3x?

thursday:chins 3x?
abbs 3x?

friday: chins 3x?
abbs 3x?

Anyone else?


I did the Smolov for the DL, and it was brutal. It did really really really work though. Problem is you need to be prepped for the work. If your conditioning sucks going into the Volume phase, you'll die and have to stop. If you're not used to frequent pulling, there's probably no way to do it. Get used to frequent work first, which will probably put weight on your DL, then lay low for 2 weeks and go into it. And pray.


I knew that people have done smolov with the DL but shouldnt that have raped your CNS and made you sick as hell?

I squat/deadlift/power clean usualy every 3 days but I dont do much volume at all.


Using a low, deep safety bar squat to improve your deadlift? It would most defiantly work.


cool, thanks.

I was a little unsure going by some of the things people have said in the past


I think this tells us something very important. People are too afraid of the dreaded over training and CNS burnout that they won't actually attempt something so brutally crazy it will literally kill you or make you stronger.

sometimes you have to take risks to make the big gains.


I think what elitfits was trying to get across is the amount of volume in smolov is counterproductive to just a balanced lifting plan.


I would be at around a 700lb deadlift when I started, doing smolov with deadlifts just dosent sound like a smart thing for me to do.


Yeah thats true, its definatley unbalanced but then again its only 7 weeks and I think the new squat and deadlift maxes will make up for the lack of bench progress.

Im not even sure if Im going to do it I was just wondering what your guys views on it were.


not just the lack of bench but you would probably make just as good as progress-if not more- just doing normal powerlifting plan.

I don't think its really that great for powerlifter, which is why most powerlifters don't use it. I saw your log and w/e your dong its working, so wouldn't change it. You obviously found a nitch that is working just stick with it.


Good point.


I am a powerlifter, and have had good success with smolov for both squats and front squats.

I have never tried it for the deadlift. I have read that it is too much if you do it for the deadlift, and that you will be overtained.

That's what I read on Adrey Butenko's website. He is a good russian lifter with a lot of Smolov experience.


Yes it did. But I didn't get sick, just dead. It was worth it in the end. And I had an advantage of having a bullet-proof lower back, and I'd been conditioning myself to the load with 3x a week leg work in some capacity.


Yeah, you get burned out and depressed, but so be it. That's kind of the point really. Then you switch for 2 weeks and do nothing heavy (I didn't do the negatives, thought it would ruin my rest/switching, turned out great my way).

Then you get to the edge of burnout, rest, and dominate. Then you leave the pulls alone for a week or so. I'd been doing GM's like a MF though. I'll probably try it again, but I'm working on another super-accumulation style thing right now.


Those that have done deadlift on smolov, did you do the entire program? Or only base-meso cycle?

What was the progress like?


I did only the switching and intensity phases because I'd already been doing a high frequency lower body regimen and felt that I had been prepared properly for the loads of the intense phase. Usually I would do the whole program as written if I were to use a pre-made template. In this case I figured my high frequency GM/DL and pull routine was doing just fine in serving the purpose of prep/base mesocycle. I'd been getting burned out and depressed on the high freq. at the time, so I figured I'd go for it.

From the switching phase test day to the peaking test day (about 6 weeks) I gained about 60 lb. Disclaimer: I'm built to pull though, and my pull was weaker than it is now.