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Thoughts on SARMS?


What are you guys thoughts on SARMS and has any of you taken them?


Legit. My blood work proves that they do suppress testosterone levels which means they do bind to the androgen receptors. And I’ve gained close to 20lbs on just LGD.


are u taking a pct? what side effecta did u encounter?


I didn’t PCT cause I moved straight onto a testosterone and S23 cycle which I am currently on


STOP putting research shit in your body.

Everything that can be gained from sarms can be gained better from AAS and guess what? We know almost everything about AAS.

Give me one good reason to use sarms over AAS. And don’t say “because it only suppress endogenous testosterone” that argument is dumb just like the people putting lab rat chems in thier body


I’m not going to advocate the use of sarms. If you use them it’s at your own risk. They are experimental drugs and no one knows the long term effects. That being said I have taken Ostarine pre trt. I ran Ostarine for 60 days solo. At the time I was a mess. Damn near suicidal. When I tried Ostarine it actually was pretty amazing for me. My sense of well being was the most amazing part. I had more energy. I had some great workouts. I didnt increase in strength. I did get shredded though. Maybe some day in will pay for it but it was a positive experience for me. I did end up on trt but it was unrelated to sarms. If you do go down that road just beware of scammers. I tried Ostarine a second time and they packaged exemastane in a sarms bottle. Messed me up pretty good. Crashed estrogen. What a nightmare that was.


did u experience any side effects after the sarms coming directly from them… I know there not the real steroids feeling but did you get the alpha feeling, the high libido, the energy, i know u said not much in strength, if you dont mind me asking why are u on TRT?


I felt awesome on ostarine. I had some amazing workouts. Great libido. Increased endurance. When I stopped taking them I just stopped taking them. I only stopped because I messed myself up with exemastane and didnt trust my source any more. I was struggling for 7 years with joint pain. Couldn’t lift my arms over my head. Ended up doing bloodwork a couple years after and had no estrogen in my body at all. I tried numerous natural remedies and nothing worked. I finally tried trt and it was like a miracle.


that sounds painful … Ive never chequed my estrogen ive checked my test and theyre high at times i feel i might have high estrogen as well and going to order a test to see…from my understanding is that if u have high test u have high estrogen… i know my test is high cause i have a lot of stamina in the gym amd can workout for hours my libido is super high everyday im 28 … with the sarms im afraid ima just fuck myself over since it is fairly new but i have a “coach” that is willing to help me if i go with or full blown droids… no offemse i just dont want to end up on TRT …


Sarm can lead to trt just as quick or in the case of the fella above you maybe even quicker. Who knows what is in that shit


Like zeek said if you dont want to end up on trt then dont mess with your hormones at all.


so sont even start sarms then


There are risk involved with any of this stuff. You have to be willing to accept any and all risk.