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Thoughts on Sarms? 1st Time Taking Them

So, I’m conflicted on weather I should try sarms out. I’ve heard good and bad things about them.

The main reason I’m interested is I was recently in prep for a show and was on anabolics( Tren e, test pp, mastron, clen) I had a bad reaction with this. Causing me to stop prep ( I was 4 weeks out). I had chest pain, heart pain and throat pain. Got blood work done and scans. All is good now!

So instead of using anabolic I’m interested in sarms! Specifically LGD 4033. I know I’m not going to get crazy gains like I was, but it seems like you get some decent amount. Just looking to stay lean over the summer. Then bulk in the fall.

What are your thoughts on sarms? Ever tried them? Before and after?

Currently weight: 188-190

Bf% around 8-9%

Age 23

Compete in Classic Physique.

Need more info just ask!


I thinks sarms are garbage so I won’t get to far into that.

I think your main concern right now should be figuring out what caused this not what other drugs you can put into your body. Especially research chemicals.

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So you had cardiac function evaluated and all came out fine?

There’s many causes of chest pain, thus differentiating chest pain from heart pain can be difficult.

For instance, with intense aerobic exercise (and occasionally anaerobic exercise) I attain exercise induced bronchospasm. I’m not athsmatic per se although I once found myself unable to breathe properly (coughing extensively, felt dizzy, throat irritation etc) after doing the mile in 7th grade.

Anyway exercise induced bronchospasm causes chest pain, as the lungs are situated on each side of the chest.

Secondly, costochondritis (inflammation of cartilage that attaches breastbone to sternum)

Otherwise clen, tren and all the other compounds you’ve listed may have sped up you’re HR to such an extent that you felt uncomfortable and started experiencing chest pain due to prolonged supraventricular tachycardia.

That being said cardiac damage is one of the scariest potential side effects of AAS (and abuse of beta 2 agonists). What doses were you using? It’s generally a smart idea to keep doses as low as possible, what doses were you using for prep

I’d give a more in depth reply here but it’s like 5am and I haven’t gone to sleep yet : /

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I was taking 1cc of Tren e, mastron and test pp. I was on I believe .30ml with clen. I’m almost certain the clen is what did it for me. Every time I took it I could definitely feel it for a little. It’s been probably about a month now that I’ve been off. I feel great!

I think if you’re going to continue to compete then AAS are the way to best accomplish your goals. We have years and years of anecdotal evidence that makes their use safer in my eyes than SARMS for which we do not. I wont pretend to know what happened in your case but all indications point to the CLEN (which is dosed in mcg btw). Were you experienced with the other compounds you were using…you compete so I assume this wasn’t your first cycle?

I haven’t decided if I’m going to still compete or take a break from it and come back to it later. My coach thinks it was either the clen or Tren. I took clen before and only experienced very mild jitters and that was it. First time taking Tren e, test pp, and mastron. I used sustanon 250 and bold prior. I think if I’m not competing to not use aas. The gf doesn’t like them. So that’s why I feel sarms could be a good alternative

My man, SARMs are AAS by any other name. You’re still manipulating hormones, you’re still at some risk for side effects and long term problems, and you’re still enhanced. Just because you can buy them on a grey market instead of a black market doesn’t make them a better alternative. If you’re going to take them then you’re still doing something your gf doesn’t like, you’re just getting a lot less value for your risk.

Sarms are a tricky one, I’ll say this though, if they can develop a Sarm which for CERTAIN is proven not to bind to androgen receptor in the right amygdala or in cardiac myocytes (and has a decent level of anabolic potency) I’d be more than happy to use it over traditional anabolic steroids. Unfortunately the amount of research on these compounds isn’t much (with some having literally no human research).

It was actually one of my ideas a couple years ago to (in the future) try develop a compound that has anabolic activity via acting on androgen receptors while bypassing binding to androgen receptors in the heart and brain, unfortunately this is a wild dream of mine that’ll never come to fruition, hence why I’m putting the idea out here (because no one will figure this out in the near future, thus the chances of this being my “great idea” that was stolen and made someone else a billionaire is slim.

If anyone has any ideas though feel free to contact me, I very rarely check my email because I have like twelve email addresses but rest assured I’ll get back to you eventually

Current research show doses that give minimal anabolism (esp with ostarine) fuck up you’re lipids pretty badly, so long term use is out of the question unless you’re a genetic god like @iron_yuppie whose lipid profile maintains good balance no matter what.