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Thoughts on Safety Squat Bar?


hey guys whats the deal with the safety squat bar?? isnt it just a high bar with a camber and less stressful on the shoulders? how come it is stated that it helps you train to prevent falling foreward out of the hole?? i mean whats the difference ??

this is me just trying to understand. Im not going against my dear friends who use this bar especially at EFS


The camber in the bar positions the weight further forward and in front of you than it normally would be, so you have to work harder to prevent turning the squat into a good morning. When you get stronger and can prevent falling forward with a SSB, staying upright with a normal bar will be easy.

Side note, you can also use the SSB to front squat and it will feel more like a back squat because of where the weight becomes positioned.


so for this case a SSB works better than a normal cambered bar??


In my experience the cambered by works more of my hips and low back due to the barbell basically pivoting on the shoulders. Have you ever balanced a broom by putting the stick in you palm and the broom straight up in the air. You'll have to move your hand all over the place to balance it and the top doesn't hardly move at all? That is best stupid example I can think of right now.
Like UrbanSavage said the SSB (I have an EFS YOKE bar, which is the same thing, maybe even a little improved version of the bar) puts the weights mass about 4-6" in front of you. One has to constantly push back into this thing or it WILL fold you in half. Louis Simmons of West-Side fame has said the bar should be called a Dead Lift bar. I would agree because you'll definitely feel it in the same muscles but you'll have to squat it up too.
EFS has gone a step further and made a "Spider Bar" which is a hybrid of the Yoke bar and cambered bar.It's very similar to Anno Turtanian's (sp?) "KILL" bar I have not used it so I can't say how it feels.
Oh, prepared to be humbled by the bar. My best Yoke bar squat is currently about 100# less than my straight bar squat. At one time I had narrowed that gap to about 50# but I cut back on my yoke bar stuff because due to having to constantly fight the weight from folding me in half I would do that shit with a straight bar. I would drive my hips so hard that my hips would get in front of the weight and I would literally fall backwards in the squat. I'd have to take a step backwards to catch myself. IDL maybe I'm just a dip shit....


My favorite bar.

The weight is higher on your shoulders and there is a small camber, so you're constantly driving your head back into the bar to keep the weight from coming over top of your head. It will strengthen your upper back and traps so that when you switch to a straight bar squat, you'll be able to keep your upper back upright.

The first time I ever used the SSB was for good mornings and the next day my entire back was on fire. My traps were on fire from my head pushing back against the bar and my lower back was on fire because I could use heavier weight on a GM exercise than I was used to because I didn't have to worry about the bar rolling around on my back.

I almost exclusively use it for dynamic effort squats because it forces me to drive with my head out of the hole or else I'm going to good morning the weight.

If you are in the sport for long you will also probably develop some kind of bicep tendon problems and the SSB gives your elbows / biceps a break.


safety bar is the greatest thing ever, everyone should use one and always be using it, it'll help everyone fix their busted ass squats lol.


its a shame i wont find form malta!!!