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Thoughts on PWO Shake?


Here are the percentages of what my shake will be. Tell me how you'd adjust it please :slight_smile:

25% Dextrose
25% Maltodextin
40% Whey (at 90% pure)
5% Creatine (5g)
5% Glutamine (5g)

Would you forget any component or up any of them?

I may lower the sugars so I can mix it in a waterdowned grape juice...



I'd adjust it so that it contained some Surge . . .


I would just buy Surge. :wink:


Omg Surge is not THE ONLY thing in the world geez....

Please give comments as to what you think of my shake and refrain from telling me to buy Surge. This is a hell of a lot cheaper and I will never buy Surge....


I guess it looks alright to me..are you using whey hydro or iso/concentrate? Also I would imagine that even with the grape juice its gonna taste like ass.

BTW..why wouldn't you buy Surge, honestly I think its the best Biotest product on the market(yeah even better than Grow!)


Buy Surge.


No, Surge in NOT THE ONLY thing in the world. BUT, it's best, better than what you have outlined above. So, OF COURSE people here are gonna say go w/ Surge. What you have looks pretty good. Again, NOT as good as Surge!

Go w/ Surge (HA!)



OK I'll be honest. Looks like a LOT of time and work.

Look s OK not optimal but there could be worse.

It looks like it wont taste great, probably choking it down.

Id go with the creatine on the side Mono is cheaper that way, and just add a tsp.

In short It just that OK on all avebues. I would suggest Surge even though you dont want to hear that.



I think BCAAs and Whey Hydrosilate (not proper spelling) are better than Whey Isolate/Complex. This is because Isolate takes 45 min or more to reach peak absorbtion, and Hydrosylate takes only 5 min to 30 min (I'm not sure).




There ya go..no real reason not to buy Surge now...


i'll be honest with you. i used Surge PWO for about six months a while back. prior to that i used a drink similar to what you're doing. the Surge worked better than the drink you're doing. then i had some money problems and quit using Surge. instead i would drink some juice or gator/power ade with about 80-85 grams of carbs and a protein shake with about 35 grams of protein with a teaspoon of plain old monohydrate creatine and it has worked just as well if not better than Surge. so IMO don't kill yourself trying to make a shake with all that other crap and if you can't afford Surge go buy a gallon of juice or sports drink. it's cheap and it works just as well if not better than all the otehr stuff IMO.


On a tight budget, I think you can get results with a home mix. However, I don't think it is reasonable to say that you get the same (and especially not better) results than using Surge. Knowing the extensive research of John Berardi (it was his freakin PhD) I hightly doubt he would develop a product that would be surpassed by Motts. If you can afford it... stick with Surge.


For one, I'm not mixing it myself so NO itme involved.

Secondly it is MUCH cheaper this way, especially being in Canada believe me.

Third of all - those that saw it's not optimal, PLEASE say why and what would make it better, that was the point of this thread.

The Whey is a 90% pure isolate with 27grams or protein/30g scoop

So what would you change in this shake, taste aside and without suggesting Surge???

Thanks :smiley:


that's why i included all the IMO in my message. i was telling you my experience and in my experience i couldn't tell any difference in results. am i saying that motts makes a better product? NO. am i saying that the difference between the results i got is very miniscule to the point that i couldn't tell any difference? YES. i'm not saying Surge isn't a good product but if you're nutrition and training are right it's not going to give you mind blowing results. it will probably give you small and sometimes unnoticeable results. so if you can save a few bucks and still get virtually the same results....why not? don't be so fucken smug.