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Thoughts on Push/Pull Routines


Hey dudes just curious about everyone's thoughts regarding the effectiveness of a push/pull routine for a little something different.


I started 5/3/1 in dec, just started my second cycle. For my bench and OHP days i usually do the boring but big followed by one or two assistance excercises that involve pulling rows chins ect...sometimes i superet them to save time and keep the blood flowing. So far my pulling strength has increased a little. I have even noticed stretch marks on my lats i think because of the high pulling volume.

I also have been able to activate my lats more during pressing movements. I have only been training for a year but since i started increasing my pulling volume this way i have really started to understand the role of my back in pressing movements. so i would reccomend it especially since alot of lifters dont get enough pulling volume in. Right now my goal is to get my bb row which is around 200 on par with my 290-300 bench press.


did you even read the OP's question?


^^ yeah i know bignate hahahahaha