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Thoughts on Program's Completeness

Okay, I am more or less curious as to you’s opinions on the completeness of my program .
My goals are to build a solid foundation, then move on to more ‘eye candy’ type training once this foundation is as solid as it can be. I have trained haphazardly for years, but never really logged any of it or stuck to a concrete plan with goals until about 9 weeks ago, when I started this. My diet is good, I basically stick to the P/C AM, P/F PM, with 1.5g/lb. protein intake, and no ‘boxed’ foods. Supplements are: vitamin, fish oil, HOT-ROX (mostly for the mental boost I feel), and protein (casein and whey).
All critiques and ideas are welcome, and needed.
All exercises done with 3 sets, 1 warm-up, except ones done to failure.

Day one/four:
Bench Press
Incline Press
Chin-ups (to failure)
Bent-over rows
Deadlifts (powertraining)

And on corresponding days…
Flys (day one)
Incline Dbell Press (day one)
Dips (to failure) (day one)
Push-ups (to failure) (day one)
T-bar rows (day four)
One-arm Dbell rows (day four)
Lat Pullovers (day four)

Abdominals (various)

3 X 3 minutes jump rope or…
10-15 minutes on heavy bag

Day two/five:
BBell Clean & press
Dbell lateral raises
Standing BBell curls
Seated Dbell curls
Close-grip Presses
Skull crushers
Wrist curls
Reverse wrist curls
Heavy Upright Rows (powertraining)
Push presses (powertraining)

And on corresponding days…
Concentration curls (day two)
Kickbacks (day two)
Hammer curls (day two)
Shrugs (day five)
Military press (day five)
Arnold press (day five)

Abdominals (various)

3 X 3 minutes jump rope or…
10-15 minutes on heavy bag

and finally…
Day three/six (which are the same):
Leg Curls
Standing Calf raises
Staight-leg deadlifts (powertraining)
Good-mornings (powertraining)

Obliques (various)

No cardio on these days.
As soon as spring hits I will probably change cardio to running steps in the local park, along with jump rope and the heavy bag.

I feel good, have managed to concentrate mostly on form instead of how I look in the mirror, and this seems to make a huge difference in the value of my workouts.
As much as I try to plug 6 workouts per week in, I usually end up taking one weekday and one weekend day off, when my body tells me to, which rounds out to and average of 5 days/weeks, which seems satisfactory.
Also, I am sure some of you recognize the source of my training template, but please let me know if there are better execises suited for my goals, or if switching some templates around would allow for better synergism and recovery.

If you can do all of that week after week without overtraining, you’re an animal.

I would try to strip it down quite a bit. If you’re looking to build a good base, it doesn’t take all those exercises to do so.

Also, you say 3 sets of each, but don’t give a rep range. You could be doing 3 sets of 1, or 3 sets of 19, which is very different.

I notice that you just started training less than a year ago. Why not try a “ready-made” program by one of the contributors here?

When I first found this site, I was blown away by Waterbury’s ABBH, so I tried it. I gained more muscle and strength then I ever had. I highly recommend it. Also, his “Next Big Three” program is great, although the exercises he recommends might be a little difficult if you don’t have the basics down just yet.

If you haven’t already, set specific goals. Quantify what a “good base” means to you, and strive to reach those numbers.

Thank you for your feedback. Like I mentioned, I have been hapharzardly training for some years, but after being reeducated, I feel that my real training has been less than a year. I usually shoot for 6-8 reps, and on the big exercises, when i have a partner I go for the one rep max. I basically feel too conditioned for a T-nation ‘basics’ program, but not quite ready for a CT or CW program. Yeah, it surprises me too that I don’t get burnt out, and for some reason my workouts never overshoot 90 minutes. What I mean by solid base is like how Arnold 9gulp) built a solid base as a weightlifter, which in turn allowed him to achieve the final composition that amzed us all. I never built that solid base. i went into the gym hjust training to look good and lift more. Now, i am training to be ‘ready for whatever’, that is, moving furniture, playing football, or deadlifting without a belt when I am 40 years old. i want that hard-to-lose, body -stabilizing muscle that protects my body (hope that sheds more light).
Again, thank you, and I hope to hear much more comments from other T-men soon!