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Thoughts on Potential Cycle: Test E, Tren E, Anavar

Just want a few thoughts on potential cycle please.

Test E/500mg
Tren E/200-300mg
Anavar/50mg a day.
Thank you guys in advance

It looks like a cycle…

What are you using for an AI and prolactin control at what doses? Why tren E over A? How long you going to run it? What was your previous cycle and how did it go?

Looking to run test e for 2 weeks then throw in the tren. And no specific reason just thought I’d run it this time but I’m only going to be taking nolvadex read a lot of forum and people have been saying that’s really all you need unless your prob to sides. But nolvadex 25mg how often do you think I should take it?

Previous cycle was Test and tren Ace. 300/200 for 8 weeks

Not sure why you would start the tren later then the test especially sense it’s tren E. Might as well start them together.

You might not have had prolactin issues with previous cycle but that’s the thing with tren each cycle can be different. Regardless you should at the very least take P5P and make sure to have caber on hand.

Nolva is fine for blocking gyno from the testosterone but it does nothing to combat anything related to tren and it also doesn’t lower E2. Elevated E2 can lead to further issues with prolactin and side effects IMO.

Why up the test this cycle? You had a good experience with 300 test keep it there. Raising it to 500 is going to do absolutely nothing but raise your estrogen more and cause potential problems.

Got it thanks man I’ll go get the P5P from the store when I get off and I’ll have to order caber. Would you recommend caber during cycle or after?

I would start the P5P at 150mg/day from the start. For some people this is enough to control prolactin. If you start noticing fatigue, erection issues and God forbid leaking nipples then start the caber at 0.25mg twice a week. And increase to 0.5mg twice a week if needed.

Another option is start the caber with the P5P at the beginning of the cycle at 0.25mg/twice a week. Do some research on caber most people handle it very well and it can actually offer some recreational benefits. Altho some people prefer not to take it unless absolutely needed because it is a dopamine agonist (which is how it lowers prolactin) so it temporarily alters the natural balance of things but so does tren so if your willing to use tren adding caber shouldn’t be a big deal.

So really it comes down to use the P5P and hope for the best (at your tren dose you would probably be fine) or start both P5P and caber and avoid any possible issues.

If your not going to be taking an AI which I think is fine then I’d reccomend starting the caber from the start.

Thanks so much man. And do you think that’s alittle too much anavar or should I be pretty good? First time taking it so I’ve read up on it a bit but I just like to get other peoples opinions

That’s a question that has a bunch of different answers based on opinions. Il give you mine.

If the anavar is 100% legit and properly dosed then 60mg/day I think is fine. Even running as much as a 100 I see no issue with.

Now if your anavar is really dbol or something using a high amount can be seriously problematic.

Make sure you have a liver supplement like tudca and or NAC your taking aswell. Those should always be used regardless of how heptoxic the oral is on paper.

How about liv52??

I’m not a big fan of herbal supplements or proprietary blends and that happens to be both.

I dont like proprietary blends because you have no idea how much of what your actually taking. It’s usually a method used by companies to load a pill with the cheapest of one ingredient and allows them to list more expensive ingredients.

As far as it being herbal I like some herbal supplements but not when it comes to protecting my liver.

Same price will get you tudca and better results.

Zeek long time no talk I have a question for you when you have a chance

What’s up bro?

Well I think I already got my answer but I’ll get a second opinion on it. Here it goes

So I was wandering about body fat percentages and weight for my height. I’m 5’10 206-210 with 20-25% body fat. I have test e 250mg which I would only run that for about 6 weeks before I left on deployment. Would you recommend me going into deployment without taking anything. Get my diet better and workout routine better while on deployment to cut down weight and body fat % and then start up a test e only cycle or what would you recommend please hell you seem very knowledgeable

First off I would never reccomend running a 6 week test E cycle that is extremely counterproductive. Secondly you never use steroids without already having a proper pct in hand before the cycle starts.

So those are 2 major reasons why that is not a good idea.

As far as the body fat goes first you need to make sure you have a accurate body fat reading. This means scheduling a dexa scan or a bod pod scan. Bathroom scales or other quick readings are extremely inaccurate. Once you have that and pre cycle blood test to get an idea of what your natural hormones levels are I would reccomend a 12-16 week test E only cycle at 500mg a week followed by a nolva pct of 40/40/20/20.

In my opinion a first cycle is best used as a bulk. That doesn’t mean it has to be a sloppy dirty bulk but the idea is to add some lean muscle so as you can imagine the lower you can get your BF before the cycle the more room for gaining you have without the risk of looking sloppy when the cycles done.

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Well I have all the correct stuff I need to start a cycle. Maybe I should’ve put that in the first message but that’s what I was asking I’ve read and asked around and I would want to start a cycle of test if I could run it for 12 weeks atleast.more of less what I was asking is that should I try to gain more lean weight while on deployment for like 4-6 months or would you advise me cutting and then when I get back run 12 week test/dbol or just test

Cut. You have a future of AAS use in sight don’t worry about gaining any lean muscle right now that will come quick and somewhat easy on cycle. The leaner you are when you start the cycle the better.

If you want to run the dbol run it at the end of the cycle but if it’s your first cycle just see how you handle the test alone for the first 8 weeks you might find you have serious estrogen issues with just test in which case using dbol as a kick start would be a disaster. If everything is going well after 8 weeks throw the dbol in.

I agree with Zeek. Use the time ahead of you to slowly cut down. It’ll make your bulk so much better later on. And be safe out there, man.

Thank you zeek and iron thank you for not bashing me for my question but actually giving advice and knowledge. I will do exactly what you guys just said. And thanks iron for the good luck I’m going to need it lol

We can’t discuss sources here. I have a email listed in my bio feel free to email me questions not appropriate for the forum and il do my best to answer