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Thoughts on pork

Pork is looked down upon due to pigs’ diet, but for grocery-store meat, are pigs any worse than juiced cows fed corn? I normally eat local beef, chicken, and deer, but there is currently a dearth of beef and chicken and it’s not deer season. I’ve eaten all of my stock (1.5 deer, 1 cow, 12 chickens), so I was wondering if these grocery store quality beef and chicken are any better than pork, or if the diet is the same? Thanks.

I prefer it rammed down a JI terrorists neck.
Seriously though pigs and chicken should be handled with care. If eaten at all rare you will at best get food poisoning and at worst a super bug due to the antibiotics they are fed. Mince is the worst because supposedly the bacteria from the outside of the meat is mixed through the meat. It must therefore be cooked thoroughly. Macca’s anyone?

Pork should be cooked to an internal temp of 140 F but don’t quote me. Both pork and chicken should be done but not dry. The antibiotics they run in the birds and pigs have to be removed 21 days prior to slaughter so I doubt is very much if any is remaining in the tissue. Some pork now is on a special diet to reduce fat content in the meat. The leaner cuts are no worse for you than middle of the road beef (not fatty but not eye of round).

I’ve eaten both on the verge of not being quite done enough (I was really hungry) and I have’t been sick in years.

No drugs doesn’t equal no super bugs. I lost 4 kilo’s in 2 days ans was shitting like a firehose. Last time I undercooked. Hospitals cover the superbug cases up too.