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Thoughts on P6 and Test Boosters in General?


Love the advice I come across on this site and figured I'd ask for opinions/experiences regarding P6. A buddy I work with (big time ectomorph) took a cycle and gained 15 pounds.. It's also note worthy that when he began taking it he started his first serious lifting regimen in a long time. He gained 15 pounds, has stopped taking it for three weeks and kept them on. It has me seriously considering buying a tube. I've been lifting for years and am 25. I'm an ectomorph as well but still not nearly as skinny as he was when he started taking it.

Also wondering about negative side effects. He said it dramatically increased his libido. Not one to shy away from a conflict to begin with, he did become noticeably more aggressive while taking it too.


If you think dried up sheep placenta will “give” you 15lbs of muscles…

Maybe you should re read the advice given to you already.

Stick to the Waterbury work out, eat lots to sustain it and stop majoring in minor stuff.

THAT will give you 15lbs over time.


Free ways to enhance testosterone and other hormones

-Get plenty of sleep

  • Stay away from stress
    -Eat an adequate amount of dietary fat
    -Lift heavy weights for high reps


All these Test Boosters. A quick look at P6 ingredient profile and there’s not much to it. Best thing for boosting test in my opinion is Healthy fats/Diet, heavy compound lifts ( I like to work out in the pm 7:30 - 8:00 to boost up my test levels when they are starting to decline) Lower day to day stresses and get good sleep. Don’t waste your money on test boosters, unless you like expensive placebo effects, most of them will only raise your test to an unappreciated level anyways.