Thoughts on Ostarine/GHRP Cycle

Hey, been a long time since I’ve been on the forum, but was wondering if I could get people’s thoughts on this cycle… my goals are to lose bodyfat/weight, gain endurance, maintain strength and rehab some injuries.

Due to my job, I’d prefer to use “grey-market” stuff, hence me going with Ostarine and GHRP.

Anyway, I’m slowly getting back in to shape (I’ve lost about 10-15, and recomped at least 5-10lbs in the past few months), but I’m 36, and have quite a few nagging joint issues. None of these require surgery, and aren’t massive tears or anything like that. I’m also still 265 lbs (at 6’2"), and I would like to be closer to 210.

I’m naturally pretty strong and athletic, so my training will focus on calisthenics/MMA/cardio stuff, and I’ll be eating a low carb diet, to facilitate the cardio imporvement and fat loss.

From what I’ve read, Ostarine helps with recomping and losing bodyfat, as well as helping joint issues, so I presume this would work well with GHRP.

My plan is to run 25 mg/morning of Ostarine, and 100 mcg/night of GHRP-2… the Ostarine for 2 months, the GHRP for longer (TBD).

My questions are this…

-is GHRP-2 the best choice for cutting, due to less affects on hunger (or should I go with GHRP-6)?
-is PCT necessary for 25mg/day of Ostarine? if so, is Nolva or Clomid better (I read an article years back that said Nolva sucked with hGH, because it lowered iGH1 levels…)
-has anyone combined these together, and know what I should expect?

Thanks in Advance!

^I also forgot to mention that I’m interesting in Ostarine over S4 due to less vision issues…again, another work/lifestyle issue.

Also, another product I thought would work with this would be GW-501516…

Well, I’m kinda talking to myself here, but I think I’m gonna go a different route with this…

I think what I’m gonna do is run Ostarine at 25 mg/morning along with GW-501516 at 5mg/morning for 8 weeks, followed by Nolvadex for PCT…