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Thoughts on Nutrition for Bouncers?


My goal is to drop some weight, im on a pretty strict 2000 cal diet with macros at 40:30:30 PCF eaten over 5 meals, stand at 5ft 7, 74kgs @ about 18% BF - looking to drop to 69kgs. Messed up sleep patterns are helping me retain some fat...

I have a 9-5 Mon-Fri office job, train S&C before work & MMA skills each night, but come Fri & Sat i do a 8hr nightshift in a club - id like some input on feeding on the job, as any bouncer knows we dont get time to eat!

Currently i have my last meal about 9pm, then eat a Metabolic Drive bar through the night, usually in halves in thirds through the night & finish with a casein based shake when i get back to my car...


I always wonder how bouncers can stay big with no food all night. I do see them eating protein bars sometimes though. You must get bathroom breaks...could you possibly down a high fat/protein shake before getting back to the door?


your a bouncer...weighing 162 lb.s, looking to get to 152 lb.s?! Uh...does not seem like a good idea IMO, unless your fucking bruce lee lol. I hope the club you are bouncing for doesnt have anyone thats double your size!


I didn't think Chucky Cheese was open that late on the weekends or that they needed a bouncer.


Ha - ive seen 130kgs Samoans run to the toilet while ive been en route to all-in brawls so it aint about the size of the dog in the fight... besides that, you cant build mucles on your chin.

only prob with downing a shake in the toliets is id have to carry it in there & a shaker wont fit in my pocket!

i want to walk closer to my fighting weight, cutting weight is affecting my performances...


Dude, Road House isnt real. It was a movie, get out of that place before you try to take on the 130kg drunk guy.

Its not gonna be like in taekwondo class where you did round house kicks and karate choped pre cut boards.


"you cant build mucles on your chin. "

very true. But a bouncers main purpose is intimidation right?


That and get people out of the club, He might be able to beat them up or something but Im around 130kgs and I just dont see a 160lb guy makeing me go any where I dont want to.

But this is all besides the point.

Buy protein bars and make shakes OP, that food is prety easy to eat on the go and easy to store.


Uh man clearly none of you have ever been a bouncer before!

Ok so you have the huge guys at the door and other visible spots in a bar/club to deter people from fighting. However when there is a fight often these guys are a little slow to get there, after all if its packed its hard for a big guy to move through the crowds!

This is why you have smaller guys who are good at fighting know as the scrappers. They move in quickly to throw the punches then the big guys move in to pick up the offenders and toss them out.

I worked as a bouncer before as the guy that would come out of the crowd to as my manager used to say "crack some skulls". Basically if there was a fight myself and another guy would move it throw some punches, take some punches, and hopefully knock the guys to the ground. Big guys move in, pick them up, and toss them on their faces outside.

I used to put some protein bars in my jacket, or keep some nuts/jerkey behind the bar.

Oh btw this job was just for fun when I was in HS weighing a whole 160lbs but I was a wrestler and could take a punch or two. Haha and the club was in DC not some lame ass small town.


That actualy does makes sence.


Makes a lot of sense, never thought of it like that before.

To OP: Almonds are quite calorifically dense if you can include that much fat, as CrewPierce stated, and again just bars, or a shaker with powder in it that you keep behind the bar or something... I'd just have little baggies of almonds secreted all over my body =)


I'm 6'6" and 250, I never had problem getting through a crowd...I moved the crowd. We had one guy about 5'8" 170, and good thing he was a wrestler too because he couldn't move shit, he could scrap, but he couldn't throw anyone out in the figurative or literal sense.

I take that back, he threw out the 18 year old girls that washed the X's off of their hands for being underage.

The same cooler you pack during the day, pack in the evening. just because you are a bouncer doesn't mean that you don't get breaks. Cold sandwiches, shakes, bars, BCAA's, and water. if you are working an 8 hour shift and not taking a break, you must be pissing your pants.


Lol that may work, but try that when you have a concert in a wharehouse like building that's over flowing! Haha we kept the big guys like you up front between the fence and stage to catch the crowd surfers and people trying to get on stage, while I was out in the moshpits! Oh the good old days, I am thinking about getting back into it though.


I thought you would be bigger.


Ziplock back full of cashews and a can of Red Bull.


thanks all - im not 265lbs & i dont work like i am. Not everyone that fucks up is 25 either - women fuck up, jockeys fuck up, Asians fuck up etc. I can talk & only scrap when i have to, plus i do have the big boys watching my back.

Some clubs ive worked, we have 2 guys on the door, playing a good guy/bad guy role. A friendly talker, checking IDs etc - custmer service type shit, (peoples general first of contact with a venue is with the door staff).. & a bigger guy to block, back up & intimidate etc...

I know i gotta earn my repsect in the game but that doesnt mean i have to bash guys twice my size - first thing my supervisor said to me (and i 100% expected it) was "look lets cut the bullshit, you arent big, but i go for heart & mind, not size - ive seen some big fucks piss their pants when the time came to get a job done & ive seen jockeys throwdown with the best of ém" - i replied "we'll see what happens when the shit hits the fan, if im not in there, fire me" - 12 months later im running Friday nights.

i think ill down a shake just before walking in the door, a protein bar halfway through the shift & a casein shake when i lock the front door..


We're glad you figured it out. :slightly_smiling:


That or i could bulk to 265!