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Thoughts on NPP?

So I’m on doc rx TRT with the following protocol:
200mg Test C/E blend (90% C/10% E) per week
HCG- Two sublingual troches per week (500iu equivalent)
Anastrozole- 1.5mg week, split three dosages
100mg Deca per week

I’m feeling unbelievably good with he Deca, now in week six. My old nagging pains are basically gone and I’ve not felt this strong since college.

What are the opinions about running NPP after I get my next round of blood work done? I wouldn’t use it until after I got the results from my current prescribed protocol, because I want to see what my labs look like on nandrolone. I’m not thinking about making this into a full-blown blast or anything. But maybe 150-200mg/wk would help improve things even more than my current dose.

I’m a very ordinary guy, so I don’t need huge dosages and aggressive cycles. I like getting stronger every week, feeling better when I used to feel a little creaky, and I can’t complain about the way my body has been looking in the mirror lately either.

BF down to 17% (it was 22% six months ago when I was deliberately bulking up)
Work out six days a week, mostly lifting but cardio has increased lately (now that my knees hurt a lot less)

I’m not looking for the kind of huge, Adonis body that a lot of guys have. I eat very well, but I won’t starve myself to cut down and get a six pack. I’d be too insufferable to be around, frankly. But I like how I feel on the Deca and I want to know what you guys think about the low dose, long duration plan I laid out. All input, negative or positive, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance, guys. God bless.

300mg of steroids per week is more than TRT, your test levels will be above normal. Take your Deca, longer and see how it works out for you. You said the deca was working well for you so far. If you find a steroid that you have an affinity for, keep using it rather than continually jumping around for new variations, or other steroids.

My test levels are within range currently. I’m not planning on increasing the test, just thinking about bumping the nandrolone up a little and see if I can get better results. I wouldn’t do this until I had run my full course of my Deca. The reason I was looking at NPP is because if the higher dosage causes side effects I can discontinue it and have it clear my system more quickly than a longer ester. Does that make sense to you? I appreciate the input, by the way. Thank you.

NPP is very similar to Deca. Very unlikely you will have an adverse reaction to it if you can handle Deca, without sides.