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I’d be interested to get your take on the following, especially as it relates to your previous quote about NFL S&C coaches being scared of injury to a player.

The Palm Beach Post reports Miami Dolphins WR David Boston’s (hamstring, shin) personal trainer said Monday, May 17, that Boston would be “counterproductive” should he lose about 11 pounds, as the Dolphins have asked. Boston, who carries only 5 percent body fat, hasn’t shed a pound in two months and still is around 240 pounds. “When you get below 4 percent, you start to encounter sleep disorders,” Boston’s trainer, Charles Poliquin said. “The problem is that if he loses weight, he will be more prone to injury and not as fast. That would be taking two cylinders out of a car. The thing about this NFL science is that it’s about five or six Olympic medals behind in the times.” The Dolphins believe Boston’s excess weight may have contributed to lower leg bleeding that kept him out of the first three days of quarterback school.

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Meanwhile, they’re all but condoning Ricky Williams marijuana habit. Talk about priorities that are out of whack!

Poliquin is right. Boston is a machine; people criticize what they can’t understand or are envious of.

David Boston is physically a beast, agile, has straight line speed, can catch, jump, and very very strong…what they need to do rather than criticize him is realize hes having success physically with his program and utilize the great physical ability he posses with their offense…

Lower leg bleeding?
What has that got to do with S&C?

I’m sorry - I ain’t knocking CP or DB or anyone - but wouldn’t 7 or 9% BF be ok on the man?

I mean Linford C was about 7% - and he wasn’t getting hit that often.

Surely BF has a greater role in preserving muscle mass during impact in team sports than for sprinters or the like?

this article is even better.

funny, I remember reading it before I was into T-mag and I remember thinking what a freak this guy was and how he was undoubtedly using steroids.

You have all got to be kidding me. Great Boston is a physical freak, so i will for sure back that claim. He can run/jump/curl/bench…but can he stay healthy for more then a 6 game stretch? A few years back, he dominated, 100+ catches, 1500+ yds and 10+ TD’s…but since he big contract year, he has not remained healthy.

I am not sure if any of you are familiar with the NFL, but it is not about the strongest,fastest, best vertical…it is about being a football player, and training to be a freak football player. Not a bodybuilder. If you want that go pick up the August issue of M&F…If you want to talk about body type freaks in football, look at Eddie George…he is the epitome of physique and training for FOOTBALL. Regardless of his decline, he still prides himself on training for football and staying healthy…something Charlie and David have not done for the past few years.

David was with Charles up til after his big year, then he switched coaches and it didnt go to well, that is why he is back with Charles. Charles even said he had his big year in the 230’s, so the goal will be to get back there…even if he is 240, its 2-5lbs over where he was his career year, and its a 20lb weight loss, no everyone wants less bodyfat, and the fact is when Boston was with Charles he was injury free and a beast…and what do you consider training for football? If getting generally stronger and faster isnt it then Im not sure what it is. As for Eddie George…he was good, and if you forgot hes been going around injured these last few seasons…

You are absolutely right about the timeline. CP just took Boston back last year. And Yes the objective for football is to get as strong and as fast as possible…so i am not disagreeing with that. But since when is it healthy to be at such a low BF%? There are reasons for this, that do not entail training for football…80% of pro-football players barely train at all (Joe, knows what i am talking about), let alone to make themselves look good. Boston’s perogative, in my opinion, is not for football, and his attitude is matching it.