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Thoughts on New Prohormones?

I have been doing some reading on a product called Trenadrol and H-Drol. So far from what I have read most everyone is very pleased with their results by stacking the two. Has anyone heard, tried or have any suggestions on these?

Mmmm… Either use real gear or supplements that enhance natural testosterone. Don’t fuck up your hpta for shitty results. Most PH will give you half the gains, but twice the sides of real gear. I am in no way encouraging you yo use STEROIDS because they are ILLEGAL. Just something to think about. Good Luck.

Dude, if you can buy it at GNC or at an online “vitamin store” then it is not a prohormone. All prohormones have been banned in the US.

My bad? I didn’t name the subject “Prohormones” the administrator changed that and the location where I posted it. I was just wanting advice on those two products is all.

They’re steroids that haven’t been scheduled yet. The problem with them is no one knows what effects they really have, both short-term and long-term. There’s no real research done on their health affects.

The reason most of them haven’t been scheduled yet is because they weren’t the ones that were most prominent before the ban. Why weren’t they prominent? Probably because they weren’t that effective to begin with…

I’d say just go with real gear - it’s affects have been proven time and time again. If you DO decide to go with these, then make sure you treat them as real steroids, and take both proper cycle support, and PCT.