Thoughts on New Cycle

Im starting a new cycle im weighing in at 200 my new cycle will be

T-400 @ 600ml a week
Trenanthate @ 300ml a week
Deca @ 450ml ml a week

Hoping to hit 225-230 by xmas and than cut in Jan/Feb just picking brains on if this seems to be a legit goal
thx for input

ml /= mg. at least get your terminology right.

since your goal is so vague, I suppose it’s a reasonable one. All you’re asking is if you can gain 25 lbs in a couple months, and cut fat afterwards. The answer, of course, is yes you can do this. This could be accomplished with or without drugs. Food is sufficient for gaining bodyweight.

I imagine your real goals are more specific though. Are you a strength or physique athlete? Is this cycle meant to be run to aid you in future competition? How much fat are you carrying right now?