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Thoughts on my WS4SB Set-up

After a mis-guided attempt to design my own program, I took the advice here and just went with the WS4SB program.


23 y.o. male, 6’6, 215 lbs, no clue body fat percentage. No visible abs, but no gut, either. I’m coming off a pretty intense 6-week phase where my primary goal was fat loss. I’ve lost some fat, but I’ve realized I don’t have the muscle or strength that I would like to.

So my goal now is pure strength. I want to up my lifts, especially bench and squat. Whatever size I add on would be viewed as an added bonus right now.

Here’s what I’ve put together using a combination of the three WS4SB articles. 95% of the time, I simply cannot lift more than three days a week, so the split is:

Wednesday: ME Upper
Friday: ME Lower
Sunday: Repetition Upper

And the program…

Upper Body:

Max-Effort: Bench Press, work up to max set of 3-5 reps

Dumbbell Decline Bench 4x6
Seated Cable Row 4x10
Rear Delt Machine 3x12
Hammer Curls 4x8
Weighted Swiss Ball Crunches 4x15

Lower Body:

Max-Effort: Squat, work up to max set of 5 reps

Reverse Lunges, 3x8
Romanian Deadlift 4x6
Wrist Roller 3 sets

Repetition Day:

Repetition Lift: Bench Press, 3 work up to 3 sets max reps of 95, 135, 185 or 225 lbs, rest 60 seconds between sets.

Rope Pushdowns 4x8
Pull-Ups 4x8
Lateral Raises 3x12
Thick Bar Curls 3x8
Ab Circuit

Every once in awhile, if I could squeeze in another day of lifting in a given week, I’ll throw in a dynamic lower if the timing is right.

Just let me know what you guys think; as this is my first go-round with the WS4SB, I basically need some reassurance that I’m not totally screwing this thing up. Thanks.

That looks good to me.

I wouldn’t do the Decline Bench Press on ME Upper day though, do something like close grip press or Dips instead.

For the RE upper day, you can combine it with the DE day and do the DE jump before the RE lift. Also, what I like to do is superset the bi and tri exercise:

DE Jump: Jump Squat, Box Jumps etc 5-8 x 3
Repetition Lift: Bench Press, 3 work up to 3 sets max reps of 95, 135, 185 or 225 lbs, rest 60 seconds between sets.
Good Mornings/RDL’s 3-4 x 8-12
Pull-Ups 4x8
Lateral Raises 3x12
1A.Thick Bar Curls 3x8
1B.Rope Pushdowns 4x8
Ab Circuit

That’s about it. Be sure to rotate main lift for ME every 2-4 weeks. For Repetition lift, rotate it every 2-3 weeks with a ‘bodybuilding rep scheme’


2 weeks Max reps on barbell bench press
2 weeks max reps on db (neutral grip) bench press

I could have sworn WS4SB had two ME days and two DE days, and RE work was always done after either the ME or DE. Was I that wrong?

Otep, I think the first version only had three days, a ME upperbody day, a repition upperbody day, and a lower body day.

In the later versions (#2 & 3), he threw in a dynamic effort lower body day which made it a 4 day per week deal. He changed some things like supersets, conditioning work ideas, etcetra I believe too.