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Thoughts on My Workout Routine?

Hi Christian,

I have been training for around 5 years (with 3 years of being consistent and around 2 years off). I am just wondering what your thoughts on these and which do you think is more beneficial

I am currently doing 4 days split:
Chest & Triceps, Back & Calves, Rest, Shoulders & Biceps, Rest, Legs, Rest

I also did this for quite some time:
Chest & Shoulders, Back & Calves, Rest, Arms, Legs, Rest, Rest

When I did the 2nd split my arms definitely improved but I felt like my shoulders weren’t growing as much because after heavy chest work I would not be able to shoulder press heavily, so I stuck with a lot of laterals. I would say that shoulder was my strong point, but this split made me lose some size on my shoulders. I like the big shoulders and small waist look, So I wanted to keep it as my strong point.

Also training 5 days a week is not possible due to my job, also too much frequency just makes me defeated as I am a type 3 & type 1b mix (high acetylcholine) as you had suggested.

What do you think?
Thanks a lot

CT doesn’t assess home made training programs… And this is not a routine; no specific lifts, sets, reps, or progression, it’s a body part split. Quite different. Try posting this in bigger stronger leaner.

And also, as far as I’m familiar with CTs work the split is arguably the least important variable unless its entirely moronic.

You LOST shoulder size? You must be doing something terribly wrong.

Anyway I think any of these can work

It is very similar to this. Of course, there’s progression, I was just mentioning the split.

A little bit. Not hard to see when you train shoulders after a hard chest session when you used to train them first and fresh. I’m thinking of switching the first and second routine every other week. So that my arms will improve while keeping and even improving my delts by a bit. I think this will be the best way

For how long have you been doing shoulders after chest? Usually you adapt to it after a while. Even then, you lose what, 10% of strength at most on pressing movements? (not raises etc) Which is compensated by muscle fatigue anyway.

I had great success for my shoulders with a PPL. Anyway I agree with you and shoulders are more important than the chest!

If for you shoulders are more important than your chest, why not train them first ???


Because shoulders are heavily involved as well in chest pressing movements.

I’d have a hard time connecting with my chest as well

Around 4-6 months

Why not give shoulders their own day then? I know the split CT likes to run with his athletes during hypertrophy focused weeks is:

Chest + bis
Back + tris
Delts/ traps

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The problem as I mentioned is that my arms are weak

Pffff you’re difficult ahahah

Chest + Back
Shoulders + traps

Then, on the split proposed by @jskrabac your arms are “fresh”. Doing bis after chest, or tris after back, they are not fatigued, you can use more weight. I know, this is the exact split I used this week.

I think that if you want to use an arms day, it would be better on a 5 days split (but you can’t).

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Oh yeah that’s true, didn’t think about that lol. I’ll experiment with it… also the one you just suggested might also work because I’m torso dominant