Thoughts on My Test, Para, Eq, Dbol Cycle?

So I’m Nate. I am the owner of a custom home framing business so I have a lot of heavy lifting and walking during the day. Ive been lifting for 13 years. started researching steroids at 19 but didn’t start taking any until I turned 25 because of obvious reasons.

31 years old
200 pounds approximately Haven’t weighed my self in years just go by my progress pictures.
super high avctivity level

I have been on cycle blast and cruise since I started 6 years ago. During that time I have used up to Test e c p sus from 100/wk to 1200, deca 600/l, eq 800/wk, dbol 100 mg a day, masteron ( dont remember dose). tren a 100 ed, ten e 800 week , anadrol but dont remember dose.

since last cruise test at 250 a week. I ran 1cc of prop and 1 cc of tren a every other day with a 3 week dbol 100mg/day. test p and tren a

I will continue to run that cycle until I my 2 bottles of each run out. maybe 2-3 more shots.
So today I got sus 350, eq 200, parabolan, 100, and will start my dbol again at 100/mg a day

so i started my new cycle today in addition to letting my other one which lasts about a week more

dbol 100 mg for 42 day
sust 350 700/wk
eq 200 800/wk
parabolin 400 wk

Does anyone know how this stack will differ from my normal test and tren? Im trying to put on lean muscle, bulk up. I dont retain water much because I drink so much of it and sweat alll day…
how does para compare to tren e or a, and does this seem like a good cycle. After this I plan to take hcg and come off everything from october through decmber. Will not even take test just hcg. Not looking for post cycle advice, just thoughts on my test, para, eq dbol cycle. And is para siply just tren with more mass gaining?