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Thoughts on my Split/Lifts

So, i’ve been really into lifting for the past few months, i’ve gotten tremendous strength gains even without consuming nearly enough protein (now I am, up to about 220-250ish, at 190 pounds) Here’s my split and the exercises I do. Thoughts and comments appreciated. I want to put on mass, get that puffy look not going for cut look, if that makes sense. I take creatine, about a gallon and a half of water daily too by the way. Thanks guys

Monday: Chest
Flat bench- 1x10 (warmup) 3x5-8
Incline barbell - 4x5-8
Standing Cable Flies - 3x10 (5 at regular pace and 5 with pause at top)
DB Incline - 3x5-8

Tuesday: Legs
Hammy Curls
Leg Extensions

Wednesday: Back
Lat Pulls
Seated Row
and Lat Machine

DB Shoulder Press
Upright Row
Barbell Shrugs

Friday: Arms
Tri Extensions
Barbell Close grip bench or Skull Crushers
Lying Tricep Exts.
Barbell Bicep curls
seated bicep curls

Cool. How would you feel about putting squat and deadlift on separate days though? I would make that change so that you can go a bit heavier on deadlifts without having squats take some out of you beforehand.

I’ve thought about putting deadlifts on back, so I might just do that. Thanks for the feedback!

Squats and deads go just fine on the same day mate, nothing wrong with that, and you can make kickass progeess and get bull strong and big with them on the same day. I did that for years. Still do many times.

As far as your plan, i’d say switch back and shoulder days. You’ll get more even spread of upper body work and it will enable you to push more weoght on arm days with the extra day pf rest for triceps between overhead and skullcrusher/narrow bench.

Outside of that, I think your shoulder day sucks. Ok exercises, but not near enough of them. Only 3 exercises total? Only two shoulder exercises?

Other than that you need something other than leg curls and extensions on your leg day as accessoey movements. Squat, dl, lunges, step-ups, then curls. Or squat, dl, good mornings, step ups, or something. All the exercises you have are good ones, you just don’t have enough of them on leg day.

There’s also nothing wrong with putting squat and dl on separate days either. But make sure you have a goodlan for why you want to split them up. Personally, you are not doing enough leg work right now to warrent splitting up your ONLY two compound lifts on leg day.

Awesome, thanks for the information. Much appreciated, i’m going to add lunges to legs day. And for shoulders possibly front raises or something like that.

I am all for Squatting and Deadlifting on the same day. For one as mentioned you don’t have many complex movements on leg day so you should be fine using the two hand in hand. Secondly you didn’t say powerlifting is a goal for you but, nothing is going to build enough endurance to Squat and Deadlift heavy on the same day better than Squatting and Deadlifting on the same day.

If you feel recovery is a problem with them both on the same day then try Heavy Squats and light Deadlifts and next week Light Squat and Heavy Deadlifts.