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Thoughts on My Routine?

Monday: Chest

Flat BB Bench
Decline BB Bench
Incline BB Bench

Tuesday: Back
Lat pulldown
Barbell Row

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Arms

Triceps pushdown
Barbell Curls
DB Hammer Curls

Friday: Legs
Leg Press

I’ll be doing 3 sets 8-12 reps, trying to gain mass along with more reps on chinups and situps and better cardio. I also want to get a better mind muscle connection, I’m having hard times feeling the muscle worked. Does this routine look decent? Another thing, how much weight should I add each week for each exercises?

What kind of lifting background do you have?

Take a look at the new article today on muscle recruitment and you may want to change from 3x8or12 to 5x5.

1.How long have you been lifting? Your stats? etc etc
2.Where’s shoulder day? If you insist on not having one I’d suggest throw in a delt move or two on chest day and then maybe some upright rows on back day.
3. Do Deads before any other back work. Don’t bother with the lat pulldowns, just do your rows and chins.
4. Get rid of decline bench presses if you plan on doing flats and dips. Also, most people’s upper chests lag, so maybe starting off with inclines would be smart.
5. You really don’t need that much arm work. You seem like a beginner too so even more reason not to go nuts with arm volume. Again, common sense, don’t do tricep pushdowns before dips and skulls which are more “money”
exercises.Close grips are most likely the best, after those throw in the skulls or dips. And you’ve probably got too much curling goin on.
6. Again, i’m not sure how long you’ve been lifting and while 8-12 reps is good for someone just starting out i’d suggest lower reps at least for the big 3. 24-30 reps is a good zone, so plan your rep/set schemes accordingly.
7. Don’t do sit-ups! They’re gay.
8. As far as adding weight is concerned…Say you just did 8 reps with 135 on the bench press. Next week add a 2.5 to both sides thus bringing the weight to 140 pounds. Try and get 8 reps. you could also stick with 135 and shoot for a 9th or maybe even 10th rep. Just try to increase little by little each week whether its 5 pounds or another rep.
9. And this is a big one…What’s your diet like? By the looks of this routine, you’re not quite on top of things…

hah i was going to post something but JMajor beat me to it… i agree with everything he said except that i think dips trump close grips as a tricep builder basically Dip, Close grip, Skullcrusher, Tricep Pressdown would be the order i would say for most money to least money

But essentially ur workout has a pretty terrible design