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Thoughts on my push/pull/fbw/fbw plan

Will appreciate Your thoughts on this.
I’m 36. Been lifting conciously 4 years, before that it was rather mindless, inconsistent shooting in the dark, except maybe for core strenghtening which i did thoroughly due to my lumbar disc herniation that was bothering me since forever. Altough i menaged to avoid making things worse by eliminating exercises that promotes symptoms (mainly bilateral squats) and concentraiting on core.
2 years ago i had shoulder stabilisation surgery, reason for that was my stupidity - to much weight on dumbbel shoulder press = dislocated shoulder, couple od years earlier (it was fun for a while to imagine you are Mel Gibson i Lethal Weapon)
Right now I’m at first week of below plan. My goal is to bring up my puny chest and arms.
5’8 / 174 cm
3000 kcl
Here’s my exact current split. Upper body focus (chest&triceps especially), legs at minimum for time being. @Gym only on saturday, other days @home.
3 working sets in most exercises for chest and triceps (and lower body on saturday), 2 in others. Will add sets in coming two weeks depanding on recovery. After that I’m thinking of rest pause in last set for compund movements and mayo reps for single joint (chest&tric) for three weeks and then deload.

A - Close grip benchpress
B1 - feet elevated pushups
B2 - band chest flye (emphasis on short)
C - lying dumbbell triceps extension
D1 - pike pushup
D2 - deadstop lateral raise

A - lat pullup on rings
B - wide chest supported row
C - barbell curl
D1 - swiss ball hypers+rear delt row combo (this seems to fancy but I like it)
D2 - hammer curl
E - front plate raise (full ROM = overhead)

A1 - incline dumbbell press
A2 - chest supported row
B1 - dips
B2 - chinups on rings
C1 - suspended hamstring curl
C2 - chest supported seated band facepull
D - skater squat

A1 - barbell glute bridge
A2 - romanian deadlift
B1 - seated lat row low puley
B2 - cable chest fly
C - downward kneeling cable alternating chest press*
D - FCR biceps cable triset (short, medium, long)
E - delt cable triset (y-raise, lateral raise, ohp)

Additionally, on two off days, short workout - core, forearms, neck
p.s. I’m 100% 2B neurotype (mainly Confident, Artist at times when my serotonin is higher)

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