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Thoughts on My Progress? Labs

Hey guys,
I’m a year now in my trt at dose of 26 mg SQ every 3 days no AI no hcg… feel ok, still tired a little, but I have 4 kids, own my own biz etc…

Thoughts guys? @systemlord

Here’s my labs:

Your main issue is your E2 is not only high but it’s high in relation to your TT and SHBG. Guys with SHBG on the lower end of the spectrum can’t tolerate much E2 since so much of it is free do to an abundance of free T which is where our E2 is converted. SHBG+T->FT->E2.

Lower your E2 and you should feel significantly better, clearer mind and improved cognition. That tired feeling you are experiencing, remember it well because next time you feel this way (head in a bubble) it’s how you know E2 is high.

I’ve been battling this sleepy, tired feeling for months attempting to control my E2 and each time I lower my dosage this tired feeling weakens. I feel more awake now and less sleepy all day.

However I believe it’s time for an AI because you shouldn’t have to keep sacrificing good testosterone levels all to satisfy your E2 levels.

Thanks so much!!! Very helpful advice. Funny thing is that my E2 on the standard test is usually around 21-29… before I hop on an AI, I’m going to recheck one more time