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Thoughts On My Plan


After looking over the internet and deciding to start out I wanted to take oral to before switching to intramuscular injections. I hope this stack is ok and please give me your guys opinion since I am trying to figure this out on my own my coaches(MT Kickboxing,Wresting,BJJ) hinted that I might want to consider it but aren't real helpful so please tell me what you think of this stack.

Also I do follow a training and diet regimne. What do you think of this cycle for a 5'7 155 8% body fat. who wants to gain lean muscle.

anabol-5mg-7 per day-week one
stanobol-10mg-2 per day-week one
week 2_ repeat week 1
week 3_ repeat week 1
week 4_ anabol the same. Stanobol 3 per day + Nolvadex 10 mg once daily
week 5_ 6 anabol a day+3 Stanobol daily
week 6_ 5 anabol daily+3 stanobol daily+one tab daily of 50 mg of Clomid+ 2 Nolvadex daily
week 7_Clomid once daily
week 8_same as week 7


I think you should take the advice you got in your first post. You obviously don't know shit about gear. You obviously don't realize that at 155 poundsw you shouldn't be using anything but food. This is just plain lazy. There are 1000 articles here you could read and the best you could come up with was some half assed oral only stack. Try eating and a Waterbury program.


that stack is crap imho.
if you do an oral only, winny would not be my choice.

the only oral only cycles i would consider would be anavar, dbol, and tbol. dbol would be my last choice but many old bb used to do it with success.

tbol 50mg wk1-6
pct wk7-10


Well either your coaches are retarded or you mis-read them. You do not need and shouldn't use steroids at this time. If you want to get stronger and more muscular start lifting, eating, and reading on how to do so. Steroids are only a tool and even if you were older (19 is far to young) you do not have enough knowledge of training, or else you would have already realized this.

Ask your coaches what they really meant, if they say you should use, find different coaches. I am a MMA fan and I train (MMA)recreationally, but evwen I haven't maxed out my natural potential (5'9" 216 bp 330 squat 525 dl 500) therefore I won't juice (yet). I am learning everything I can and when I feel I have maxed my genetic potential I will be ready if I so decide it is necessary.