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Thoughts on My New Diet?

I’m around 214 trying to slim down a lot to 175ish got a long way to go. Been eating too many buffets and have grown up on fast food and enough is enough. This is everything I ate yesterday.

Breakfast: Cooked oatmeal and added a little sugar-free syrup, teaspoon of peanut butter with stevia, scoop of protein powder and some almond milk and scrambled 2 eggs and added some salsa on top. I am going to make this my staple breakfast, it helps I loved it.

Brunch: Protein shake with coconut oil and almond milk with stevia

Lunch: Grilled chicken wrap

Dinner: This salad bar called souper salad they cook me a grilled chicken breast and got a salad with carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, brocolli, cauliflower and olive oil added kidney beans and beets and a sweet potato

Drank mostly green tea all day. I did drink 2 diet dr peppers which I have a problem with it may sound stupid but I can’t quit them all together. 2 is very much on the lighter side of what I usually drink. Some people say they effect your weight others don’t. I know at least they don’t help you in any way.

I’m going a few weeks without creatine to get rid of bloating.

I honestly would not mind eating the same thing every single day. I don’t have a ton of different options because I don’t cook a whole lot.

Was this a training day or a non-training day? If the former: around what time did you train?

I usually train in the morning but had to work more than normal yesterday so didn’t train until nearly 8:30 pm. I just did 30 minutes of mostly machines. I’m still somewhat recovering from doing 3 weeks of only squats/deadlifts/bench 5x5 3x a week which wore me down. Overall I’ve been going at it as hard as I can for about 4 months so this is sort of my “week off” yet not doing nothing.

Looking at that particular day, knowing that particular information, I’d have swapped dinner and breakfast. When I see that breakfast, I see someone gearing up for something big. Oatmeal: cool, we got some slow digesting complex carbs. Peanut butter? Sweet: got some slow digesting fat. We’re in for the long haul. This is gonna be a BIG training session. And then protein powder AND eggs: we’re packing a LOT of protein in this. To have all that energy and not use it in training seems a waste to me. I’d sooner start the day with some greens and meats, like your dinner, and eat that breakfast before training. That protein shake you’re making would also make a decent pre-training meal, since you’re pairing it with coconut oil (with MCTs) for energy.

What are your calories?

I don’t count em although I should. But eating at that salad bar there’s no way to track other than estimating how much of each vegtable I get and seeing what they are online however the only calorie dense thing I get there is a sweet potato.

When you’re talking about eating that breakfast before training session you mean about 2-3 hours before the session right? I could pull that off on certain days.

Some people on this site say nutrition timing doesn’t matter but it seems very important to you. It makes sense though how much energy you have available vs how much you use but I can also see the argument of the measurement of energy of a whole day is more important than individual meals.

I eat minutes before my session myself. That’s just how my schedule works.

That must mean I am a poor communicator, as it is not very important to me. However, food is fuel, and you want the right fuel for the right activity.

If your not tracking your calories than I think you are setting yourself up for failure or at least a long trial end error period. Small things like the peanut butter and oil are really calorie dense and very easy to eat way more than you think you are. As far as tracking your dinner I don’t think i would worry too much about the veg as long as it’s raw. Bring a small scale with you and weigh the chicken and SP. IMO knowing what/how much you are eating is critical to long term success.
And also everything @T3hPwnisher said.

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So you’re talking getting the most out of my workouts not weight loss, correct?

Negative; the diet as a whole.

Well the thing is normally I do workout in the morning like I said I was very busy Thursday and had to workout at night. I just ate that same meal and I’m waiting 2 hours then I’m going to the gym. On days I work I can even get up at 4 am eat it then go to the gym at 6 am.

The amount of protein in the breakfast though is 34 grams 2 eggs 6g each = 12 + and protein powder 22g.

Understood. You asked for thoughts and I shared mine :slight_smile:

Yeah my point is I think what I’m doing is mostly compatible with what you’re saying it just wasn’t that one day.

But normally I would have went to the gym before eating that meal I took your advice ate the meal first then I’ll go to the gym after.

If you are bulking at more than 1kg per month, don’t be surprised if it starts to affect your performance.

An estimate of each vegetable isn’t that bad. Better than nothing.

If your salad is pretty simple, you can always enter it as “side salad” and then add in dressings/topping separately. I personally wouldn’t add coconut milk to your shake unless you know you’re low on fats.

I made massive progress just by weighing stuff. I was 210 in Sept 2019 (although I had trouble staying up there), and started weighing/tracking at 194 in April 2020. I’m about 178-180 now, with most of my lifts at the same as when I was 190-200.

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I use almond milk and only add a spoonful of coconut oil.

I went to that same salad bar and because of covid they don’t let me get your own stuff you have to tell someone and this lady was pouring just tons of olive oil on my salad probably way too much fat. I hate covid. From now on I’ll ask for a seperate container for the olive oil.

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Nutrition is 80% of success, and 20% is training. You can count calories depending on your goal. But I really like your diet, especially dinner, I might try that as well. But I don’t know about the soda, it obviously won’t help you.