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Thoughts on My Labs?

Doc wants to put me on trt. Not sure what to think. I rarely get morning wood. Low energy, depressed and anxious. I want to make sure I’m getting the right advice. Side note: I did a 12 week cycle of Dbol and test E when I was 19. I’m 28 now. I have always felt fatigued and depressed even before cycle. Any guidance gents?


You’re free testosterone is very high, you don’t need much total testosterone because your SHBG is extremely low, so you tend to have very high free testosterone and therefore free estrogen which I think is the problem.

Sure estrogen looks normal if you go by the ranges but for a very low SHBG guy, it can be too much since the majority of free hormones is very high in low SHBG men.

I’ll bet free estrogen looks a lot like your free testosterone, very high. When my estrogen is high I’m very fatigued, anxiety and have blood pressure problems as well.

High estrogen causes anxiety, depression, low energy, weak or non- existent erections and low or no libido at all.

A man’s normal free testosterone percentage is between 2 to 3%, yours is over 3%. While on TRT I feel optimal at only 2.5%, that’s with a total testosterone of 500 and free testosterone at the top of the ranges.

My SHBG is 22 so I need more total testosterone to have similar free testosterone.

Thanks for the reply. I felt great on cycle and never used an AI while on. Infact, I was less aggressive and could control temper better. I was doing 500mg weekly and so that could be part of it. (Way over clinical doses lol) The doc said my level should be at 800-1100 but the shbg brings up a valid point.

If you feel better on high-dose TRT, then do it. It’s strange that you felt good in those ranges because low SHBG men seem to have the most trouble on TRT as far as controlling estrogen.

I have a theory for why some guys who are low SHBG you seem to feel nothing on TRT, testosterone resistance or receptor insensitivity due to AR receptor damage.

When I attempted high normal testosterone, I felt subdued, after coming down to 500, it felt as if testosterone and estrogen were more potent then when higher up in the range.

That would make my receptors very sensitive and they just couldn’t handle high-dose testosterone whereas you are on the other end of the spectrum needing high dose testosterone to feel the effects.