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Thoughts on my Food Plan?

[Higher calorie day is obviously a training day.]
I might be overdoing it on the PWO shake a bit but in the past this kind of thing has always worked pretty well for me.
Workout day calorie breakdown is about 30% protein, 25% carbs, 45% fats.
Non-workout day calorie breakdown is about 30% protein, 20% carbs, 50% fats.

I have tried a few different things over the last half of a year but never really stick to the plan. I’ve recently begun to be able to do this weird thing called “listening to my body” and realized for example that I don’t tolerate oats well but am fine with dairy. Recently I was sick (stomach virus) and dropped from 222 to 210; lost strength as well. Since I was having trouble eating and digesting what was once my normal intake, I did a 14-day PSMF that worked alright. Now I want to get back up to speed and do things really right (for me).

I am still getting over this dyspepsia crap (lots of burping, churning, acid). Going to go to the doctor next week to get it checked out. Anyway the attached picture is my idea of how to proceed and put weight back on and get to new heights.

I find myself split about half and half between my own residence and my girlfriend’s, so I have to work around that. It often becomes a problem; but these particular food choices will work. In other words they’re my “tried-and-trues”.

About me:
25 years old
194 cm
213 lbs with about a 33" waist (was 222 with 34")
Estimate about 12-14% BF
3.5 years training

What else…

  • Going to do some linear progression til I get back up near my prior strength levels then get back on 5/3/1. (DL and Squat suffered the most, went from 425 x 1 to 365 x 2 and 380 x 1 to 315 x 2, respectively).
  • Will add in stuff like spinach, green beans, fiber supplement often. Just didn’t include them since they are calorically insignificant.

I’d suggest reducing your fat intake, ~200g is pretty high i think. keeping fats low and carbs high on training days, and vice versa on off days is a good plan, however i think that your difference between the days is not enough. Your high day should maybe be 40% carbs, 30% fats. I suppose it will really depend on your body, and how it responds, you know it better than i do obviously, don’t be afraid to experiment with different macro ratios.

not to mention, i don’t know your goals

I’ll kick the butter on training days and add something else in to accomodate.

Short or mid-term goals are to simply gain strength and size. My long-term goals are to weigh 250 and able to Squat and DL 500/550.