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Thoughts on My Diet?


Hey All,

Wanted to grab some feedback on my typical diet and see if there's anything I should do to improve. I'd say my diet is geared towards recovery and growth, I've always been pretty skinny with low body fat so no need to lean out (6' 155lbs to 6' 175lbs in the past year or so). My protein is a whey/casein blend, mixed with mostly water and a little juice or milk depending on flavor. Here's my M-F diet:

Breakfast: Medium white potato, handful of onion and peppers, handful of spinach, 3 whole eggs, and 1 chicken sausage cooked in olive oil. Protein shake while it cooks and a spoonful of coconut oil before I leave.

Work snack: 1 cup rolled oats with some dried fruit, raw almonds, and a little honey for flavor

Lunch: 1 chicken breast, sweet potatoes (chopped) cooked in coconut oil, white rice with broccoli - butter added while cooking for flavor. In their cooked state I usually have more than a cup of potatoes and about a cup maybe a little more rice on my plate. Probably half cup of brocolli on average (it's mixed into the rice).

Snack 2: Whole fat greek yogurt with a little honey and granola

Pre-workout snack: typically a bowl of quinoa and ground beef or spaghetti squash and ground beef 30-45 minutes before lifting.

Post workout: Protein shake (sometimes will make this while working out and sip between exercises but left with half by the time I'm finished)

Dinner: varies nightly but always includes a significant amount of animal protein, potatoes or rice, and various veggies. Every now and then "junk" dinner like pizza or burgers will be here.

Nightcap: half an avocado with a little lime juice

Weekends aren't as regimented since I'm usually on the go but the meals are similar - typically will only have the breakfast shake and will lose the snacks. "Junk" meals find their way into my day here as well, hot wings and a beer really are unbeatable after a day of riding.

Any thoughts or suggestions?